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    HI, could any one who has travelled to PNG advise me on the most cost efficient way to purchase local currency.

    My bank can order the currency, but they will only give me a conversion rate of A$1 to K2.1 even though the exchange rate is hovering around A$1 to K2.5.

    I was thinking that I may recieve a better rate if I exchanged my money at Jacksons Airport, however the Bank of South Pacific haven't got a phone number listed on their website for this branch.

    Also can anyone tell me if the foreign exchange points at Jacksons Airport operate on Saturdays as this is the day I arrive ?

    Any thoughts would be appreciated, just trying to save a few dollars here and there.

    Thanks, Stewart



    Hey not sure about the airport exchange but the gateway hotel did money exchange not sure how good the rate was but you can atleast contact them to find out


    Hi Stewart,

    I got Kina through Flight Centre travel agents, you will never get the exchange rate that is advertised, I found that out when I recently went to Hawaii, after hunting around I found Flight Centre had the best exchange rate, and didn't charge me a fortune, Australia Post wasn't too bad either.
    Don't wait till you get to Moresby, it's not a place you can just grab a taxi and get to the nearest bank, or to the ATM. Most of the big hotels have money exchange.



    Thanks KarenT and 39thdescendant for your replies – much appreciated.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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