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    Gerry D

    Hi there my name is Gerry and I intend to walk the Kokoda trail with one of my mates next April.I am not sure what to expect on the trek but from what I have been reading sounds hard but I am relly looking forward to it.I have strated training I have been using the stairs at the place I work I try to do an hour a day.I also have a peronel trainer I have been with him about 5 years,also I ride my bike and do alot of walking.Any tips for training would be appreciated. I also need some advice on boots,backpacks and all other things I need to take with me.I also live in pert Western Australia and would like to no if there are flightsout of Perth to New Guinea.


    All the info you need is buried in this site somewhere. I cant think of any questions that havent ever been asked.
    If your carrying your own pack get a good one, if youve got a porter and wont use your pack again a cheaper one will do. Dont get your pack from the local camping store, see a pro, and if your carrying it yourself get it set up properly in the shop so it fits your body.
    As for airline flights, I'd check with an airline as things change.

    The number 1 rule as weve all said before is too look after your feet. Clean dry socks, good boots, vaseline everyday etc etc.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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