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    Boss Meri

    At the present moment our son Nathan Thomas is on his honeymoon having married Kate Lewer in a garden wedding last Saturday 12th September.

    Nathan as the majority of you would be aware, is based on the Gold Coast and works for the business full time taking care of all trekker needs here in Australia. He has his mobile phone with him and intends answering emails but is also trying to spend some quality time with his new wife Kate as they start the next chapter of their lives together.

    It was a really nice wedding in a lovely setting on the outskirts of Tweed Heads. The venue had several small cottages so close family members took advantage of this whilst other guests travelled up by bus from Coolangatta/Tweed Heads.


    Boss Meri

    Nathan has a son Brandon 10 years old from a previous relationship who he has raised soley on his own since he was around 3 years old. On Saturday Brandon had a very important job to do…he had to hand over the rings! When I met up with him at Brisbane airport last Wednesday he told me about his role in the wedding.

    He added that he was very excited that his dad was getting married but worried he might drop the rings and would be in BIG TROUBLE with Kate and Nathan.

    All went well and Brandon carried out his duties and was just so proud on the day. Brandon has also made it known for several years that he wants a baby brother or sister so no doubt would feel he is one step closer to achieving his wish as Kate and Nathan are expecting their first child in January.

    When I put Brandon on the flight to Melbourne on Monday to spend his school holidays with his mother, he was all smiles as he said goodbye to me at Brisbane airport. From a grandparents point of view, it made me so happy to spend time with him as he too enters a new phase in his life. Perhaps his biggest adjustment will be learning to share as for the majority of his life he has had his Dad all to himself.

    As for Nathan, what can I say, as I have been so proud of him putting his own life on hold as a single father for many years until he found the love of his life in Kate. Brandon appears happy so my thanks must also go to Kate for taking on the added responsibility of helping now to raise him along with any children they are blessed with.


    Boss Meri

    Nathan is our third child. The eldest is Shane who is now working for the business as an Australian Guide and also managing Orohaven Kokoda Retreat.

    Cheree who turned 40 in September is our second child pictured on the left in a black and white dress standing next to her husband Tony. The remaining fourth child is Mikayla in the colourful dress on the right beside her hubby James. Shane is on the far right in a striped shirt. All children are Gold Coast based.

    Cheree and Mikayla put together our ration packs and trade as TREKON

    Family Photograph with only some of our 9 grandchildren:


    Boss Meri

    Some other family photographs taken on the day of the wedding and yes I am the shortest. I am a brunette and the eldest and youngest have auburn hair. Nathan and Cheree missed out on the red gene and were born with blond hair.


    Boss Meri

    I appear to have missed having a photograph taken with Shane so am posting one of him taken later in the night so he does not feel he is being left out.


    Boss Meri

    Before I close off this thread, I will post a photograph taken with Jimmy the webmaster of this website and my pngbd website.

    Jimmy was originally recruited from Indonesia to work for our company in PNG to write a software programme to record telephone data. This software continues to run in hundreds of offices throughout Papua New Guinea. Jim was fresh out of uni when he arrived on PNG soil where he resided for many years. He now has two houses on the Gold Coast and is an Australian citizen.

    I can recall asking him one day if he had time to create a website for me. He became the architect and I became the interior decorator. Each week we would think up another subject to add to http://www.pngbd.com This website could not cater for the demands of interest in Kokoda so another website was born, ie the one you are looking at right now. http://www.kokodatrekking.com.au or
    http://www.kokodatrail.com.au or http://www.kokodatrail.com.pg

    When Jim left Papua New Guinea he commenced a successful business, where he specialises in web hosting. If not for Jim, I probably would never have started this business. He is seen here pictured with my daughter Cheree and myself and remains a family friend to this day. His new love is photography and like anything Jim does, he has thrown himself into purchasing the best equipment available and learning as much as he can about photography.

    He has a love interest also, so who knows the next wedding might he his own as he has been wanting to settle down for some time now. He has the business; the money; property – all he is missing is the wife and kids!



    Heartiest Congratulations and best wishes to Nathan and Kate we are so pleased to hear of your great news and also that Brandon can expect a new brother or sister in a few months time which we bet he is very excited about.

    We wish you all a wonderful future together
    Brian and Maureen



    Gail, this has been such an amazing piece of your life's journey to read. I had no idea you had such an extensive family! Congratulations to Nathan & Kate (Nate & Kate?!). You must be so proud!

    Brandon must be chuffed. Can you imagine him doting on his new soon-to-be little brother or sister and holding them in his arms with a grin bigger than the Grand Canyon?! I could – and I don't even know him laugh.gif

    Nice to 'meet' Jimmy and please tell him he does the most wonderful job of the forums.

    The photos were terrific and to your credit, you certainly don't look your age with your children and especially all those grandchildren. 9 of them. Oh my gosh! Must be all that Kokoda work you do that keeps you looking so young wink.gif

    When was your forum avatar pic taken?

    Kate looks lovely. I like how she chose blue/aqua for her theme rather than the traditional white and the background view is just gorgeous.

    Once again, congratulations to N & K and wishing them a happy and momentous future together.

    Brooke & Earle (Fluppy & Mr Fluppy) tongue.gif



    Peter ,Rhonda and Anne.


    Mrs Moo

    Hi Gail,

    What lovely photos. Congrats to Nathan and Kate. I have spoken with Cheree on the phone, and she has certainly inherited your "go the extra mile" genes. You must be very proud of them all.

    I might print off one of the photos of you, as in the one I took at the Gateway you closed your eyes! Never mind, I'm planning to return in 2012 and do it all again.

    Thanks for posting your photos, as it is the "personal" touch which makes KTL stand head and shoulders above the rest.

    Mary H

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