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    I'm new here, so I better introduce myself at first. My name is Joachim, 24 years old and from Germany. I already did a couple of trips on my own: Thailand, Cambodia, Costa Rica, Marocco,…

    I'm searching a trekking partner, who would like to join me on the Kokoda Trail. I don't want to join a guided tour und would like to do this adventure with another man/woman.
    Start is Kokoda, I probably will arrive in Popondetta in the morning on 14th august (depends on Air Niugini) and want to start the trail on 15th august.
    I plan 7 or 8 days for the treck, depends on the weather and my fitness rolleyes.gif
    I love taking photos, so I'm not planning to "run" the treck, I want to enjoy the trail. My plan is not to take a local guide or someone who takes my luggage, i think on such an adventure i should be able to take my own backpack. But if there is someone who would like to join me and do this treck together with me, i'm open minded thinking about a guide or something else. I would bring a tent, so i don't need a room somewhere and i think it's better to be independent.

    Also I'm looking for someone wo also plans to do trekking around south of Tari, Mt. Bosavi. I'm actually havn't searched for any information because I'm busy in the moment, but I think it's impossible without a local guide. Time shedule: around 08.09 – 14.09

    Also I would like to travel around the Sepik revier around 31.08 – 07.09 if someone is also around there, maybe we could travel together.

    Best greetings wink.gif


    Good luck. You will definately need a guide, there are places where its just too easy to get lost. And the maps are just about useless.


    Since trekking companies had to be licensed, it is now not allowed to just select a porter off the street somewhere to accompany trekkers on the track. All boys now have to apply for a trek license and to obtain one they will have to meet certain standards as set down by the Kokoda Track Authority. It was also announced at a KTA meeting last week that they are planning on getting stricter and making the criteria harder to obtain a license. In other words by the sound of it, they will have to have a company; own a sat phone; trek radio; first aid kit; be trained in first aid etc.


    Thats a great idea Gail. They are to be commended.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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