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    H all,
    Doing the Tail in October 2014.
    Can someone please tell me the difference between the local guide trek and an Australian guide trek?
    The only difference I can see besides the obvious is the price.
    Can you tell me the cons and pros?
    Was going with the Australian guide until an email from Nathan Thomas recommended to me the local guide which has me going that way because of the price.
    Also,being lucky enough to live at the foot of the beautiful Blue Mountains can someone recommend the best places to train and how to go about it?


    Hi Brian.

    We did the trek a while back using local guides. Johnsford and Dudley were 2 of the nicest and most impressive guys Ive ever met. We all became great mates. I recommend the local guys.


    Hi Brian

    I can only agree with Pete on your choice. I have trekked twice now with KTL and have only the highest praise & regard for both our teams on those two treks. The Personal Porters were genuinely the most caring and helpful people I could ever wish for, with Maurice back in '05 and Jimmy, Brendan & Horace last year, absolutely superb. The Guides were just so knowledgeable and helpful. Justus back in '05 and I formed a great friendship, rekindled at the conclusion of my second trek when we reached Kokoda. Arnold, on the second trek, had spent hours reading Bill James' book, 'Field Guide to the Kokoda Track' to study more and more about the history of the Track. And who could forget the wonderful Food Porters.

    Obviously both options have Food Porters and you can elect to hire a Personal Porter, but my choice would again be a local Guide. Shane obviously also has the runs (treks) on the board as well as he has done a few and his knowledeg is continually growing also.

    Best of luck on your trek next year and I will follow it with interest as I do with all the treks, remembering my own wonderful experience as they pass through familiar landmarks.

    Waza (Treks 83 & 872)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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