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    Gunika Tauna

    Recently I ordered the Kokoda Trail DVD, I was astounded when the Computer Disk & Photo Mailer arrived by Post less than seven days later!

    Having read the preamble of how the DVD had been compiled from material recorded by the carriers (porters) I was quite prepared for a ho hum hour while I poked holes in the whole trek.

    By the time I had arrived at the Arches at Ower's Corner I was exhausted. From the welcome by the Orokiva's at Kokoda I was enthralled. I followed every step and listened to their conversations and comments as they so admirably assisted their charges and guided them over the difficult terrain as their forefathers had done with the AIF during World War II.

    I was fascinated to see the changes in the scenery and village sites. Naoro in particular an good move up the hill to an area with better views.

    The slide show with the singing as a backgound was good I was sorry when it came to a close.

    I would recommend this humble DVD to anybody who enjoys great scenery and essential for anybody contemplating a walk over the Kokoda Trail along the Track. I know because when I was young I used to walk across the hills with just two sleeps.



    tks Gunika for your nice comments.

    In 2004 I introduced to our boys digital camera's and it took them awhile but now they are clicking away like crazy out there and get annoyed if their batteries give up the ghost and they cant take anymore.

    Around July my son Shane purchased two movie cameras and now they are trying their best to master this as well.

    We have lots of footage shot by our trekkers but it is 'private to their trek' and we needed something we could offer to the general public and the DVD you puchased was the answer.

    Next year we are going to try and get our KTL song recorded and other songs so we can sell these as well as trekkers often ask for their music.



    <img src="http://developer2/board/upload/style_emoticons//biggrin.gif” style=”vertical-align:middle” emoid=”:D” border=”0″ alt=”biggrin.gif” /> Hi Gail

    I'll have to get you to get the boys to sing '1 Pella Mary',
    Justice was going to get a group together and record it on tape.
    I'll give you a call soon on the GC.


    Waza <img src="http://developer2/board/upload/style_emoticons//cool.gif” style=”vertical-align:middle” emoid=”B)” border=”0″ alt=”cool.gif” />



    I would like to purchase this dvd. How would I go about it?


    Boss Meri

    If you book through Kokoda Trekking you receive this DVD as part of your information pack. If not, please email my son Shane Thomas: shane@pngbd.com



    We are planning on trekking with Kokoda Spirit. Is this your group or is it another company?


    Boss Meri

    Fluppy, as mentioned on another reply to you, this website is KOKODA TREKKING and the DVD is a Kokoda Trekking DVD and we have nothing to do with Kokoda Spirit.



    Hi Gail.

    I recently receives my DVD and book,,,the DVD is great,,my mates have it at the moment,,hopefully it will convince them to come on our trek in July 09.



    Hi Gail

    How are you progressing with a DVD on songs by the Porters thanks and especially, 'One Pella Mary', which was a favourite of mine and was sung for the Daughter & Son-in-Law of the 2/3 Btn Veteran we met on Brigade Hill?

    Hope you are well and I continue to log onto your wonderful Web-site quite often.

    Kind regards


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