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    Hi all, this is for the people who have done the trail – does anyone remember the correct words to the song the porters played on their Ukulele.. its starts out something like

    " Im just a simple KTL boy, and I play my Ukulele, my Ukulele, my Ukulele on the trail"
    "Oh Ko-ko-da, Ooh Ko-ko-da"

    and goes on " Im just a simple Aussie Boy, flying over the Ocean, dont know where im going to"

    I have bits and pieces of it in my memory but didnt write it down! unsure.gif I loved it and I want to write the words in my diary of the trip I am fixing up. If anyone remembers the words I will be eternally grateful! Thanks!


    Boss Meri

    Candice, I will do one better, please email me: gail@pngbd.com with your address and I will post you out a CD of the song and some other music I have had recorded.

    At the present time I am on the Gold Coast and if you live close to Southport you could even drop by and pick up a copy.



    Hi Gail

    Happy New Year for 2008, even if I'm a month late.

    Have just read about some music on a CD, do you have another copy and has it got 'One Pella Mary' on it? It was my favourite song on the whole Trek and the Boys sang it for the Daughter of that Veteran who flew into Brigade Hill on 28th April 2005 and she was reduced to tears after they had finished (and there were a few other lads wiping their eyes and looking away as well).

    Hope you are well and I'm looking forward to the day when I can return and trek with you again, in fact it isprobably time that you thought of another trek as well???

    Fond regards from Coleen and I

    Warren x



    Really great experiences guys, i dont have one but its a pleasure read at yours smile.gif

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