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    Gail Thomas

    Work has commenced on the new archway to be erected at the hospital area in KOKODA. Yesterday, all trek operators received an alert from the Kokoda Track Authority asking for us to comment. As far as ourselves at Kokoda Trekking are concerned, we feel its a plus for everyone. Trekkers and the people of the Oro Province will benefit from this as sadly they have been missed out. When the KTA proclamation was set up it only included the Biaga people or those living on the track. Now there is something for the Kokoda people to be proud of, an archway in Kokoda!

    Kokoda Trekking would like to know trekkers comments on the proposed archway. Would you like an ARCHWAY at KOKODA similar to the one at Owers' Corner?

    For those of you who do not know about the work of the Kokoda Memorial Foundation, (not to be confused with the Kokoda Track Foundation), they are responsible for the Imita Ridge and Ioribaiwa Village plinths and plaques; Owers' Corner. They also come up each year and volunteer their services to do all kinds of things such as paint Fred (statue) at McDonald's Cnr; paint the medical aid building at the Salvo's area on the road to Owers' Corner. They do annual maintenance on the archway and much much more. For ourselves, we think its a HUGE plus for KOKODA. Many a trekkers comments, have we finished, are we there yet???? With an archway, you will have either a start/and or finish line!



    Their Mission Statement:

    • Firstly to commemorate the fallen men who fought in World War II along the Kokoda Track in Papua New Guinea by;
    • The installation of memorials along the Kokoda Track,
    • Maintenance of existing memorials along Kokoda Track,
    • Secondly to aid the local people with basic infrastructure.

    Volunteers are ex Vietnam Vets and now their children are starting to come and help when needed.

    8 RAR – A group of active Vietnam Veterans, members of 8 RAR have significantly supported KMF in all endeavours. The volunteers lead by Mr. Bob Long have aided in all aspects of design, logistics, funding raising, leadership and skills necessary to build the memorials and infrastructure in all the projects.

    The archway at Owers' Corner I was told cost in excess of A$100,000 by the time it was erected. The one in Kokoda I believe will be less but hey, I say, congratulations to these guys for raising the money and putting something in Kokoda that will out last all of us like the one at Owers' Cnr.

    Am I passionate about this new archway, YOU BET I AM

    Photograph: The archway at Owers' Corner


    Gail Thomas

    To see trekker after trekker walking up the hill to the one at Owers' Corner and have somewhere to stand and have their photograph taken is a WOW factor. For that matter all trekkers get a photograph taken there before they head off down the hill to Goldie River so either way a great place to start / and or finish a trek.


    Gail Thomas

    If you want this to go ahead, please post your comments. For the Kokoda people, finally something to be put in Kokoda so they too get an archway where trekkers can have their photographs taken before or after they commence their trek.



    As for the boys of KOKODA they say BRING IT ON!!!


    Gail Thomas

    Comments have been posted on our 'Facebook' page:



    Gail Thomas

    Unfortunately the archway was not constructed as planned as a shipping container they were expecting from Lae failed to show up, hence everything has been postponed to another time. Once Eric is confident everything is in Kokoda they will make another time to come back and complete the task of erecting the arch.

    The people of Kokoda are really looking forward to it as it has been a work in progress since 2008 when it was first approved by the LLG President and other people in charge of the Kokoda Station area.

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