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    Nathan Thomas

    May 2019 was my second trip to Kokoda. As it turned out I was a lone Trekker on Trek 1127. Initially not sure how I felt about it, I was quickly put at ease by Nathan. He and his crew assisted and guided on the extra accommodation I wanted and helped me put together the trip itinerary which was 9 day trek going north to south The admin was smooth with no question being too trivial. On arrival at Jackson’s Airport I was greeted and taken to my accommodation where I was briefed on the coming trip. My first ration pack was delivered that night and I could only gape at the amount of food that was supplied. The next day i was taken on a tour of Port Moresby and the Nature Park. Not part of the original structure but very welcome and a great touch to get a look at the real Port Moresby After an early flight and arrival at Poppendetta I was greeted by Harold Hauro who very quickly impressed me with his calm demeanour and undoubted knowledge of the Kokoda Track. A trip to the village of Kokoda saw me meeting with Trevor and Solo who completed our group of 4. After a brief admin stop in Kokoda, it was through the arches and on our way to Deniki. Suffice to say, I could not have been in better hands than I was placed in. Absolute professionalism, a wicked sense of humour and encouragement were the order of the day and subsequent days. The one thing that really stood out for me was the intimate knowledge the guys possessed which was really able to make the track and it’s history come alive. A fact here or a story there, pointing out both sides gun positions, ammo dumps and how various battles were fought and won or lost. It is one thing reading about it in a book or watching a doco. Having it explained in real life was an absolute privilege and added immense value to the trek. I could go on about everything that occurred but I will keep it short by saying that I could not have asked for a better group of people to share my Kokoda experience. As mentioned before, their knowledge was immense, their friendship easy and valued and they know exactly how to look after their trekkers. They are extremely keen on keeping the Track History alive and this comes through in everything they do to help and guide the Trekker, be they alone like me or in a group. In summary, The Kokoda Track is not easy. Throw in the inevitable rain and it can become dangerous and make you feel very small. My trek finished in the dark in a tropical thunderstorm. One of the proudest moments of my life. During my trek, I saw unimaginable views, learned so much, re-engaged with the ANZAC culture and physically and mentally pushed past what I thought I could do. Full credit to Harold, Trevor and Solo for getting me there and supplying the lessons (not just history) along the way. I cannot think of another company or group of people that I would want to do Kokoda with on future adventures.

    Lee Ralph, Trek 1127

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