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    I'm hoping to walk the trail this summer. I'll be traveling in a group with other Papua New Guineans so I'm assuming it won't be an issue. But can you see any potential issue walking the trail as a Japanese?



    Hi Mozero

    I trekked with KTL who have previously taken Japanese along with other natonalities, mostly Australians, trekking along the Kokoda track all no matter what nationality are treated with the same courtesy.

    I actually asked my porter and guide what they felt about doing so neither mentioned anything that gave me the opinion that you would be treated in any other way than I was. I have amongst others made a life long freindship with both my porter Brendan and guide Wallace.

    Whilst I trekked with KTL I would imagine and hope that the same should apply to those working for other trekking companies.

    By the way I visited your country together with my father about 30 years ago now I certainly appreciated the wonderful hospitality passed on to us by all those we met. I am a radio Amateur and we stayed in a radio amateurs home for the two weeks that we were there, enjoyed our stay very much. Went back again twice after that on very brief business trips. Retired now taking life much easier.



    Boss Meri

    Mozero, Hi. I just noticed your post and wish to advise that we have taken out quite a few Japanese trekkers and they have all had a great time. On one particular occasion we had a Japanese guy approach us to see if he could join a particular trek with around 10 Australians. I informed him I would write and ask them.

    This I did and got lots of replies saying yes, they would like to trek with him. By the time the trek was over, he got a standing ovation from all trekkers and as for our porters and guide, he became one of them. During the 9 days on the track he learnt a lot of pidgin english (their everyday language); learnt the songs they sing; slept with them in their tent and so on. He also played tricks on the aussies and would ambush them jumping out of trees and so on.

    I for one have never forgotten this Japanese trekker and I doubt his fellow trekkers would have either. As for our boys, they still talk about him and wonder if he will ever come back again!



    I can understand where you are coming from Mozero – but I think you will be well accepted and have not a thing to worry about. The 'Fuzzy Wuzzy's' really are angels and I believe they will take good care of you with no predjudice.

    Although the Australian's fought against the Japanese and vice-versa, they all still fought. All three sides (PNG included) had heavy casualties and all sides were still human and bled red blood. The Japanese suffered just as much as the Australians as the P.N.G's

    And besides – why anyone would hold a grudge against someone for something they weren't directly involved in just because of their race/heritage/ancestery is beyond my comprehension…



    Brian, Boss Meri & Fluppy,
    Thanks for your replies. I really appreciate it biggrin.gif
    I think it was more of a curiousity then concern.
    I'm looking forward to doing the walk!

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