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    Boss Meri

    If you have trekked with Kokoda Trekking to get away from Australia on a holiday please post here so that other potential trekkers can read your comments.

    Was it a great holiday destination? How did you enjoy your stay in Papua New Guinea and your walk on the Kokoda Track?

    To post, you first have to register. Once you have completed your registration you can log in and post your comments by clicking on the 'Add Reply' button; type your testimonial and then click the 'Add Reply' button.

    At this point, your message will be uploaded onto our website.

    Wherever, possible please state your trek number and date that you walked with Kokoda Trekking Ltd (KTL).

    Thank you for taking the time to give us your feedback.

    Kind Regards
    Kokoda Trekking Ltd (KTL)

    Gail Thomas (Boss Meri)


    Boss Meri

    Dear Gail & Russell, A note to express my thanks to you and your most professional crew. It's hard to know exactly where to start as this has been a most remarkable holiday, and by far the best walk I have ever had. The scenery was all I expected and more. The unfolding panorama superb to the max. Your crew of guides and porters are superb. They are both friendly, fun and entertaining – a better bunch of gentlemen you'll never meet. While seeming nonchalant, they are none the less appraising and vigilant, constantly gauging the condition and welfare of those who have put themselves in their care. They are pleased and proud to show their backyard to anyone who wishes to experience it, and rightly so, as it is one of the world's loveliest unspoilt places.

    They are courteous and helpful, and more than willing to go the extra yard to make it the trip of a lifetime. Informative, and if they do not know, they will not bullshit you. I asked a lot of questions and after a short confab there was not much that went unanswered. Your program is well structured and time scale realistic even for those who are not regular walkers. I've only seen evidence of three of the major eight companies who do this work and feel I must state your people are the best presented, neatest people on the track. Your food the most plentiful, and tasty of all, this knowledge I've gained through conversation with fellow trekkers who were unfortunate enough to pick the wrong company. Where others tend to look unkept, your people tend to take care of themselves at every opportunity.

    Your recruiting and training scheme seems to be well thought out, well managed and working well. Your people regard you as more the Aunt and friend than employer. What a sound base to work from! I can see KTL only going from strength to strength and good on you for it. I am most definitely coming back again with between two and five fellow Hamiltonians.

    Your kwila walking sticks as you said are very resilient and perfect length for those big downs especially, I don't think my 'aussie' hiker will ever come out of the bag again, I'll find some mug to buy it off me.

    Trekkers with other companies are paying to have them made (once again knowledge gained by speaking to them) and carved, so they go home with a souvenir. Whereas, yours are well loved and used working tools when they get them back to Australia. Once again guys thanks a bunch for a great time.

    'Bear' Clements
    Trek 275


    Boss Meri

    Hi Gail, I wanted to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for the most wonderful/amazing holiday. You're so very well organised (the briefing, the food, the communication).

    You guys really do an excellent job. The porters are sensational blokes, particular thanks to John (he organised the whole group after all & he carried my tent); Chris ("B" group boss, always provided moral support to me & offered to help carry my gear) & Crissley (he carried my mattress from day 2 & helped me through some tricky down-hills on a couple of days). Fred & Leo too rate a special mention – they were looking after me.

    Please note: I've already decided to walk the trail again (yes, you heard right)!! In August next year, timed so I get to Isurava on 29/8. I got the hot tip from Chris about the service that's conducted there on this day. He also told me there's NO MUD. Next time I plan to hire a porter – so my next experience should be markedly different to the first. It's a while away yet I realise, but I just thought I'd mention it. At least 1 mate is keen to join me, I'll work on the others.

    Trek 296 B

    Editors Note: true to her word, Judith is about to walk again with KTL this month August 08.


    Boss Meri

    Dear Gail and Russell,

    Hi! The weeks have slipped past since I returned from the trek and I can't believe I have been back almost three weeks. I had a wonderful time, and the weeks since have not diminished the joy I felt walking on the track.

    Thanks to my personal porter, Donald, and to the other guides and porters, the trip was made especially memorable with the constant attention, the care, the lively sense of humour, and the commentary on the landscape and their lives. It was a great experience.

    Could you please pass on my thanks to Ernest who was our leader, to Glenn, Donald, Reuben, Paul, Winnie, Frank, Victor, Nigel, Kingsley, Ludwig and to all the others who made my holiday so enjoyable?


    Robyn Nutley,
    Trek 465


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