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    Boss Meri

    Juffa: Rename Kokoda Track

    THE world-famous Kokoda Track should be called “Kokoda Trail” and not the latter, says Oro Governor Gary Juffa.

    The MP said the name of the World War II icon was the subject of intense debate in Australia but visitors including Australian trekkers should respect PNG’s right to name its own geographical features including the Kokoda Trail.

    “Does the name belong to the nation which retains sovereign ownership of the land between McDonald’s Corner and Kokoda i.e. Papua New Guinea? Or to the Papuan Infantry Battalion and 10 Australian Battalions whose battle honours are emblazoned with the name ‘Kokoda Trail’?

    Or to modern day commentators in Australia who dislike the name ‘trail’ because of its American connotation? We welcome trekkers from Australia however we do ask that they respect our traditions, our culture and our right to name our own geographic features,” he said.

    Referring to former digger and author Captain Bert Kienzle, the Oro governor said he was adamant the correct name was ‘Kokoda Trail’.
    “In his biography, The Architect of Kokoda, Mr Kienzle said: “We, who fought and saved this nation, PNG, from defeat by a
    ruthless and determined enemy knew it as the Kokoda Trail not track.

    “So I appeal to you and all of those who helped us defend this great country to revere and keep naming it the Kokoda Trail in memory of those great men who fought over it,” he added.

    Mr Juffa said Captain Kienzle was a good friend of his grandfather: “As the recently elected Governor of Oro Province I wish to honor the legacy of my grandfather’s good friend, Captain Bert Kienzle and indeed all those who fought along that trail in World War 2, and ensure the Kokoda Trail is referred to by its proper name.”


    What are people's thoughts on this? (those on the forum)

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    I've always called it Kokoda Trail and I'll be doing the TRAIL October 2014.

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