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    Hi guys josh here,
    I was wondering if anyone could give me some information on shoes, what shoes to wear and light shoes or "BOOTS".
    I have been into every store going asking and asking, Half say boots is a must….Half say light.
    Last year i did the gold coast kakoda trail on the gold coast ha 96km walk and i had a nice pair of merrell hiking boots, or what i thought where nice.


    wore them for 20km, they DESTROYED my feet. Blisters every where, could not feel half of my toe on my right foot for 3 months not even kidding not to mention the $35 pair of socks that garneted no blisters (even thought i understand that it was proberly not the sock). After all this i decided to go back to basics and i threw on my top end pair of asic runners light weight, not support and did the other 80km straight in them without a problem in the world with plain cotton work socks ankles did get a bit tender but it was 23 hours straight in a pair of runners. Although i'm sure kakoda is a completely different experience but…. the gc kakoda challenge has some tuff hills and the endurance gets to you.

    i found a pair of salomons, salomonxa pro 3d ultra (which are the non waterproof model, "your feet will be wet regardless so they may as well be able to drain") which i was told that plenty of people / guides do the kakoda trail in and that hiking boots feel heavier by the second. Let me know what everyone’s opinions are on light or heavy boots and if i should give my merrells another go or are the slomons are suitable or am i FARRRRRRR of the mark. Thanks all smile.gif



    P.s. Another quickie is….how hard is really, know some very unfit over weight people who have done it lately. Not saying i think it's a walk in the park/ easy but your thoughts if i did the kakoda challenge in 23 hours 96k how would i tolerate kakoda in 6 days.


    bump, these are a propper link to the merrell hiking shoes



    Just completed a trek in a pair of salomon xa pro 3d ultra (low cut) – I found them excellent. They did get wet inside and out but so did everyones. Keep in mind that these are designed as a trail running shoe so if you are looking at covering the trail in 6 days, they will allow you to maintain a solid pace. Whatever you end up going with, get in some long hard training in them on the highest, wettest most challenging hills you can find.

    I don't think you can compare the Gold Coast Kokoda Challenge to the real one as you don't have the humidity, dozens of river crossings and kilometers of swamps to deal with, but if you've done GC in under 24 hours then 6 days shouldn't be a problem. Even quicker if you get a porter.


    There is so much info on this site as regards shoes. It seems to come up all the time.

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