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    We are about to go on our first trek in Aug & we would like to bring over some supplies for the hospital, school…..We have been told there is a shortage of medication ( baby panadol/malaria tablets, Anti's) My question is how much are we allowed to bring in? I am in a position to get a fair amount of goods donated but I'm not sure if there is restrictions…Can someone shead some light? Cheers Jodi


    Jodes, I'm heading over in first week of August for my first trek too. Myself and one of the others in our group have each collected about 20kg of donations. We will be hiring an extra porter each to carry the stuff so we can distribute along the way. We are starting at Kokoda, so we have a fair bit for the hospital too.

    As far as I have encountered, the main issue is in excess baggage. I have been quoted on the phone from Air Niugini around $18/kg excess baggage, and online they quoted me $60/kg. I'm currently trying to pull strings to get around this. Each trekker has a 23kg allowance, but shouldn't need anywhere near that, so I'm hoping we may be able to each carry a couple of kg and get it there that way.

    For the flight to Poppendetta we were quoted $2/kg excess baggage which I'm happy to cop out of my own pocket.

    I've been donated some great stuff, like baby products, colouring books, socks, basic medical supplies. Someone even donated 15 Hohner harmonicas which I hope someone can put to good use.

    Any other suggestions would be great as I have some $$ left over.

    I have been told shoes (KT 26 – size 7-8), guitar & uke strings, any other light, easily portable ideas would be appreciated.

    Not Gary Ablett Jr

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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