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    Congratulations to Gail who has just done her trek in November 2004. I know it is a gigantic achievement for Gail who normally spends her life driving to work, sitting for 10 hours at work, going back home and sitting down in front of her laptop for another 7+ hours at night, having done very little exercise in the past few years since living in Port Moresby. This routine has been her usual for 10+ years now until she set her sights on walking the Kokoda Trail.

    What's also amazing is that she only trained for a relatively short period, less than 3 months to get to a point where I couldn't believe it was the same person! When she told me she was climbing stairs to 12th floor and back at the Deloitte Tower, 4 times each day and skipping every 3rd step, I was very impressed.

    Well done, Gail. You've just proven that you've got the determination, will and mind power to do whatever you aim to achieve! You're an inspiration.

    Gail's story can be found by clicking on the following URL below:

    Wow, I mean Wow, I walked the Kokoda Trail


    Alison Anis

    :agree: Yes she did it! Congratulations & Welcome Gail to the Kokoda Club. Great to have you as part of the kokoda family.

    You know, I seriously thought you wouldn't last another day on the trail..hahaha But you have proved that just about anyone could do it be they involved in sports or not – in other words physically fit or not.

    I mean who would have thought that someone like you might one day walk the trail? You looked so attached to your computer and too into work and it was hard to imagine you walking the trail.

    But I guess you have shown what it takes to accomplish walking the trail. A mind set to achieve that goal and the determination to do so. In that it requires some endurance.

    They say practise makes perfect. So we who have not been into any real sport have been on the exercise bike longer than expected to get our leg muscles used to strain. We have been going hiking on mountains during weekends, running/walking along the free-way each noon or climbing the stairs of the tallest building around. I think exercise (no matter how far you can go) builds up your confidence – that is it prepares you mentally as well as physically.

    I didn't know what I was in for when I first walked the trail in September last year as part of the Steve Ovett Group – former British Olympian – who came to raise funds for Bloomhill Cancer Care Centre in Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia. I only had three weeks to do my training prior to the walk. I was not heavy or strong in anyway and only weigh 51kg and the fact that I was not into sports added to my fears.

    But I drew strength from within. I believed in myself. I even told myself that I could do it no matter what. In other words it took grit, courage & determination.

    Seriously, I don't think walking the trail is only for those who are in super form.

    You don't have to be an athlete or an Olympic star to do trail. Ordinary people like myself, Gail & Jessie have proven that it could be anyone's game. Well what are you waiting for….it could be 'your' achievement as well!

    Once again congrats Gail for you Mighty Fine Effort! At least we have something in common…haha!!


    Jessie Garap

    Gail, I have monitored every movement you?ve made all throughout your walk, beginning from Owers Conner all through to Kokoda Station. And I think you were terrific, though I had some doubts at times, when you guys came to a stop, every now and then, when the track was not in good condition or accessible to proceed. At the back of my mind, I was thinking, she?s not going to make it out in (9) nine days.

    But, hey?.you definitely did prove me wrong. There were no injuries no what so ever, you came out looking just great, although! I noticed you had lost some weight (ha-ha-ha).

    The entire walk up and down the 12th floor of Deloitte Tower has been proven, worthwhile.

    Anyway Gail, congratulations again for the successful walk, and hopefully we?ll walk the 6 day trek.

    And I would also like to acknowledge Beverley Howell, who did the trek together with Gail. Beverley at age 64 is the oldest female who has taken part in walking the Kokoda Trail with Kokoda Trail Trekking Limited and she was absolutely fantastic. Well done Beverley.




    QUOTE(Jessie Garap @ 10 Dec 2004, 03:35 PM)
    Anyway Gail, congratulations again for the successful walk, and hopefully we’ll walk the 6 day trek.

    HAHAHA I'd love to see that happening!



    Hi Muppie, Alison & Jessie, I guess I surprised YOU ALL by completing my trek.

    Yes, I admit it scared me as well thinking I may not have prepared myself enough for what lay ahead and I told myself I was going to walk no matter what and I did just that.

    On the night of the first day I remarked I hope I make it to Kokoda. Russell replied by saying, dont ever think that…you have to mentally prepare yourself that you are going to make it! you cant let self doubts enter your head….

    I am now thinking Muppie that I may walk again next year and do a 6 day trek just to prove that someone like myself can do this as well.

    This trip was mainly as a tourist. I wanted to experience all I could….I wanted to stay in as many guesthouses as I could…I wanted to talk to as many villagers as I could…

    Perhaps now that I have taken my time and stopped to smell the roses, my next trek will be over 6 days with reservation to extend if I find the going too tough.

    I will also walk this time from Kokoda to Ower's Corner….listen to me, what am I saying???

    I guess Muppie, I have accepted your dare!!!

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    Alison Anis


    Conquer Kokoda Trail in 6 days????
    Yep I'm in for it – lets do it!


    Jessie Garap

    Why not?? If we managed, walking the nine (9) day trek without any broken bones, then that shouldn?t be a problem at all. I?m pretty sure we?ll be fit to do the six (6) day trek as well.

    I?d like to see you (Jimmy) try it out?.

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