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    Hi All,

    I've been reading through the forums and have found them very helpful and they have answered almost all of my questions, and I had a lot!

    I will be undertaking my first Kokoda trail in July and I'm really looking forward to it, although I am feeling nervous of the challenge ahead. I hope that is a good sign!

    There are three questions that I'm not too sure of the answers to. I'd really appreciate anyone setting me straight on these: –

    1. What is the climate like in July. I'm assuming t-shirt (running shirt) and shorts will suffice during the day, but what about the evening. I don't feel the cold too much, I'm from England originally, but if it is likely to be 5C or less then I'd like to prepare for that and take thermals etc.

    2. I am planning on staying in PNG for around 7 to 10 days after the end of the trail. My wife will be joining me then and I wanted some advice on where to go and expected costs. In terms of interests we'd like to go diving/snorkelling, hiking (although nothing too strenuous obviously!) and we're both interested in cultural activities too, as well as wildlife viewing. We'd like to keep to a budget. Don't mind staying in guesthouses/camping – does anyone know if this type of accommodation is popular in PNG/of good quality (i.e. hot water)?

    3. Are there any particularly good travel insurance providers anyone would recommend?

    Think that's all for now. Any help is greatly appreciated!



    I was there in July and it was quite hot during day but at night we wore track pants and a light thermal jacket. You are normally in bed by 7-30 so you dont sit around for long.


    Thanks Peter – that's what I reckoned I'd need to bring.


    For all those Trekkers who are still looking for a great place to wind down after your trek I recommend Loloata Island.

    It is an ideal way to wind down following your trek.


    Includes all meals, transfers, tea and coffee, boat trips to Lion Island for unlimited snorkelling. Room Type

    Per Night

    Single Air Con

    $255 AUD

    Double/Twin Air Con

    $410 AUD

    Single Fan

    $235 AUD

    Double/Twin Fan

    $390 AUD

    Children (Under 13 years old)

    $100 AUD

    Diving Rates

    Includes tanks, air, weights, fresh fruit, tea, coddee, shower, towels per person per day. Number of Dives Single Dive

    $75 AUD

    Two Dives

    $140 AUD

    Three Dives

    $190 AUD

    Night Dives

    $80 AUD
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