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    Hi Andrew, if you're carrying all your food for 10 days and not sharing tent, etc then maybe you should be looking more at the 85L. But I had a porter and a day pack so am probably not the best to advise on this.

    I'm sure there are packing nazis out there who could squeeze everything into a 25L day pack….


    lol re packing into the day pack 🙂

    It's not the clothing that I am worried about, or even the tent really, as I am using advice on this and other sites, its more the food that I obviously need to ensure I have enough room for. The 85L Black Wolf MCKINLEY is a similar weight to the 75L but as this is my first trip to Kokoda I am paranoid about 'getting it right' and since I hate bushwalking I have no existing knowledge base to work from. And its really hard to get advice from the one source on stuff that matters eg. boiling water on the track to make up freeze-dried meals! I have read nothing anywhere about fires etc etc. This forum is the best that I have come across, but since its a trek-company lots isnt written about ;-(

    Boss Meri

    Hi Andrew, if you are trekking with a trekking company such as ourselves, all the room you need to allow for your food is 1 days rations which amount to approximately 1.3kg. Our food porters carry all the food and each day hand to you your next days food.

    So if you were to say hire a personal porter, he would be the one carrying your backpack and your food. Most trekkers take out the food they want to nibble on along the way and place them in their day pack. Other items can be accessed from their main pack as and when they require them.

    If you are not walking with a trekking company, than to carry all your own gear plus your food for the duration of your trek, you had best get the biggest pack you can find.

    As for cooking pots etc our food porters carry them and they boil the billy for tea/coffee/hot chocolate whatever and to heat up water for noodles.

    Re our Forum: we maybe a trekking company but you will find the majority of posts on our forum are done so by trekkers and not necessarily trekkers who have walked with us. Its an OPEN forum and everyone is welcome to post replies.

    Of course we would love them to walk with us, but we do not discriminate and do not ask which company you walked with when they complete the area to become a 'user' on our forum. I created this forum so everyone trekking Kokoda can be well informed before coming. The less people who stuff up out on the track, the less negative publicity it gives all trekking companies so if the forum helps, than that is why it has been created in the first place and its doing its job.

    cheers, have a great trek and all the best with your planning.


    Brilliant reply, thanks so much……..without doubt I would utilise your company if I had the financial choice! Walking in 2013 and then again in 2015 so the $ is an issue, unless a rich relative falls from a ladder whilst cleaning the spouts!

    I have purchased an 85L pack, and am going for light, compact gear. Spending a little more but mindful of the space issue. Will be walking within a small group so will be able to share some of the load.

    My wife says that I am obsessed! And she's right!

    Kind regards,

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)
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