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    Hi All,
    I'm taking advantage of some adventure store sales and bought 2 boots for a kokoda trek happening mid next year. I bought both home to have a better look and feel with the view of taking one pair back.
    1. Mammut Mt Crest GTX- firm stiff sole, nearly all nubuck upper very study, weighing about 1.6kg a pair, vibram sole (with full shank). The internet although great reviews, always comment about alpine hiking, mention snow often and also mention ice a couple of time. So I worry that they might be the wrong type to take to Kokoda, I however love the nearly all leather upper and the super solid feel when their on, they feel like hiking boots.
    2. Next, the Scarpa Kailash GTX – firmish sole, but with a bit (lot) more flex. weigh 1.24kg pair, aggressive Vibram sole with well spaced lugs for mud. They feel like a sneaker (running shoe), they have a little bit of nubuck but a lot more mesh. They are just not, not that I am an experienced hiker by any means, what I think of, not the feel/firmness and chunkyness I expect from a hiking boot. BUT they are so comfortable. I am possibly just not aware of the new feel of a modern, largely non leather hiking boot.

    Hmmm, any advice, comments., what should I be looking for Heavier, but sturdy, or sneaker like, supper light but comfy.



    Vibram soles are great, but I dont like any sought of stiffness in the sole at all. It just puts too much strain on my feet. They tend to have to work too hard with stiff soles. I did say my feet, yours may be ok with it, but mine arent.
    Hopefully what ever you choose will be well worn in by the time you go and the stiffness will disapear.
    Have fun on your walk.


    OK, I have made a decision. I am going with the Scarpas. I feel I will need lightness on my side.

    When I returned the Mammut boots I went to a different outlet of Mountain Designs and was served by a boy who looked no more than 18 years old. I said I was returning these as I thought they may be too heavy for Kokoda. The boy said yes they are, and that he had done most of kokoda when he went on a school trip.
    I wore the Scarpas around the house for an evening, actually did the vaccumming, and also climbed the stairs 10 or so times. They feel so good my next outing was 13 km along some made and unmade bike tracks. No blisters or hotspots, just a little tinngly on the soles of my feet, but all good. Just wore good light hiking socks, with no liners.
    Also tested them in the laundry trough to make sure there were no leaks in the gortex, all good there too. I will still put some nubuck waterproofer on the outside so that I am sure the leather wont soak any water and add to the weight when wet.


    All the best for the track and with your boots Geoffrey. I think one of the hardest parts is deciding on equipment to take, particularly boots! Sounds like you are good to go. 🙂

    Boss Meri

    Hi Geoffrey, good choice, I walked in Scarpa's and had no problems whatsoever with my feet.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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