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    When I was a teenager I was crossing a creek on a horse that panicked whilst doing so ran up the bank at the same time throwing me off, I hit my head on a bough of tree temporarily knocking me out fortunately very briefly for when I awoke I was actually sitting in the creek with water around my neck, very lucky you will agree. By that time my father seeing the horse without me came back to find me after assuring that I was okay he insisted on me getting back on the same horse which I did spending the rest of he day on it without any problems at all.

    Since then like most of us I have had several "knocks" in my life some quite dramatic but the lesson learnt that day from my father has lived with me for after each "knock" I got back on my "horse" and got on with life.

    In todays Sunday Mail I read that the trekking company involved it the tragic accident, even more so for them, has got back on it's "Horse". This must have been a hard decision for them to make and I am sure that those lost in the accident is one that they would like made.

    I congratulate them and other trekking companies along with thier guides and porters who with all care are continuing with thier planned treks as the lively hood of so many that in some way depends on these treks taking place.

    Lets hope that those who may be reconsidering trekking Kokoda get back on thier "Horse" and go ahead with thier trek.




    Well said Brian.



    Well done Brian, a great analogy and as mentioned a few nights ago to I think 'Fluppy', do remain strong in your desire and dream to walk the famous Kokoda Track and you will in years to come remember your decision to take on this life changing experience and you will, in hindsight, be glad that you did.

    Yes, this weeks event has been a terrible tragedy and one that will remain with many people for a long time, but when you walk, walk not only in memory of the fallen from over 60 years ago but also walk in memory for the 13 people who lost their lives this week.

    Kind regards



    Geoff Hardie

    Hi All,

    From media reports it seems Kokoda Trekking activities have resumed along the lines of Brian's excellent and timely post.
    I am sure all trekkers on the track at the moment and in the future, the tragedy of last week will be foremost on their minds in rememberance of this most unfortunate loss of wonderful lives.

    To Gail, I do hope, despite your deep personal loss, you can continue your wonderful efforts for the nation of PNG. Should the Kokoda Challenge for this year, which I believe to be another of your iniatives, need to be postponed or cancelled, I am sure everyone will understand.

    Kind regards,
    Geoff Hardie

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