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    Boss Meri

    Hi everyone, its been a hectic past few days as our teams on the go make their way along the track and today find themselves in Efogi – the half way point.

    The track is slippery and wet but everyone is doing their very best and making their destination each day as per our schedule.
    DSCN0006 (Copy).JPG
    DSCN0004 (Copy).JPG

    Boss Meri

    Other photographs taken on the the day they flew over to the Oro Province
    DSCN0002 (Copy).JPG
    DSCN0005 (Copy).JPG

    Boss Meri

    They were all supposed to go on the same aircraft but at the last moment they informed us there would in fact be two Dash 8's and the group would be split into two groups landing in Popndetta approx 15 minutes apart.

    As they entered the boarding lounge the following photographs were taken.
    DSCN0008 (Copy).JPG
    DSCN0007 (Copy).JPG
    DSCN0009 (Copy).JPG
    DSCN0010 (Copy).JPG

    Boss Meri

    After arriving in the Oro Province, trekkers were driven around Popondetta before heading up to Orohaven Pija for the night.

    During the morning before their flight one of the trekkers asked me about traditional food. I replied you will be having some tonight as they are preparing a mumu for your all. So that night they tucked into various dishes traditional to the area.

    They also enjoyed a swim in their creek and had a relaxing day in readiness for the next day.

    That night it rained heavily and I was advised some found it hard to sleep due to the heavy rain on the roof.
    Orohaven Pija Retreat.jpg

    Boss Meri

    On the morning of the 17th April they were driven up to Kokoda for the commencement of their trek where they met their guides and porters who were to accompany them across the Kokoda Trail.

    We have three treks on the go made up as follows:

    Trek 1016: Guide Arnold Jinga ‘”

      ‘, ”, ‘

      [*]Dinah Gordon

      [*]Damien Challis

      [*]Russell Challis

      [*]Helen Jenkinson

      [*]Brett McMurray

      [*]Adam Villante

      [*]Anthony Teunissen

      [*]Lukas Calleja

      [*]Tara Guthrie

      [*]Dennis Mead

      [*]Holly Brown

      [*]Nicholas Amato


    Kokoda Archway.jpg

    Boss Meri

    Trek 1017: ‘”

      ‘, ”, ‘

      [*]Melissa Hagan

      [*]Matthew Connolly

      [*]Andrew Fitness

      [*]John Pegus

      [*]Judy Ruck

      [*]Chris Ruck

      [*]Pat Vainerere (Australian Guide) ‘).'”).”\n


    Boss Meri

    The photographs at the archway were taken by Sione Orosambo and posted to his facebook page along with the photographs below.

    Trek 1028 – Guide Clement Harika‘”

      ‘, ”, ‘

      [*]Clint Whitehouse

      [*]Brett Hansen

      [*]Steven Leighton

      [*]Allan McPhail

      [*]Lindsay Jones

      [*]Andrew Murphy

      [*]Brian Shields

      [*]Rob Thomas

      [*]Dan Ahern

      [*]Nick Kenny



    Boss Meri

    Pat Vainerere (bottom row far right red shirt) along with two of his trekkers Judy (a nurse) and Chris Ruck (son) & their porters caught up with our other Anzac trekkers at Efogi last night around 7:30pm and were welcomed into camp by several members of our treks. As the group push towards the finish line at Owers' Corner, no doubt Pat will be looking forward to another successful Anzac Day Service at Bomana War Cemetery per 2015 as seen in the photograph below. More good news, Dennis Mead who was airlifted out from Deniki and flown back to Port Moresby for treatment is being released this afternoon at 2pm from the Private International Hospital (PIH).

    A big THANK YOU must go to Pat, Judy, Chris, our porters and 8 boys from Kovelo Village. Dennis does not remember a thing until about the time he was boarding the chopper. Our KTL boys and those from Kovelo made a stretcher and carried him for hours before reaching Deniki at 10:30pm that night. When it was found there were no serviceable helicopters with winches in Port Moresby, he had to be carried again the next morning to the closest point where a chopper could land. A massive effort all round by everyone. To Pat and Judy who stayed with him all the way.

    To Mathias a medic from Kovelo home on holidays was also a big help. So even on the Kokoda Trail, Judy a nurse did not hesitate to turn around when she knew a person was down and who was requiring her urgent attention. To Nathan back in Australia, he too went above and beyond to get Dennis back to Port Moresby. Judging by the smile I got today from Dennis, he is so thankful to be alive and to know the fuzzy wuzzy angels of today and others, helped to get him off the mountain and saved his life. Full appreciation all round to each and everyone of you.
    Pat Vainerere Anzac Day 2015.jpg

    Boss Meri

    Treks 1016 & 1017: The treks have split up and these two treks are at Menari. According to the sat phone call I received around 7:30pm tonight, the track is wet and muddy and most trekkers arrived at Menari around 3:30 having had a tough day.

    Tomorrow these two groups are heading to Naoro for the night.

    Trek 1028: This private group have gone ahead to Agulogo for the night. The track is starting to get crowded so for tomorrow plan a) is Ofi Creek and plan b) is Ioribaiwa Village.
    Menari Village aerial pic.jpg
    Agulogo 640×480.JPG

    Boss Meri

    Trek 1028: Clement Harika the guide on this trek phoned me this morning and said they were heading to Ioribaiwa Village for the night. I also spoke to Clint and he said the group were really going well and were looking forward to a few beers!
    Ofi Creek up up up.jpg

    Boss Meri

    Treks 1016 & 1017: These two group are remaining together and have now reached Naoro Village. Helen has a back problem and Matthew has a knee problem. It is hoped they can both continue tomorrow but are presently being monitored closely by Pat our Australian guide.

    Today the last two arrived in Naoro around 4:30pm where they are sharing the area with a couple of other trekking companies as they make their way to the finish line at Owers' Corner.

    From what I can gather they have had their fair share of rain and the track is still pretty hard going but they are all toughing it out and looking forward to finishing their trek.


    Trek 1028: This group are camping at Goodwater as planned and should arrive at Owers' Cnr around 8am tomorrow.

    Everyone is well & excited & looking forward to a few beers at Sogeri Lodge on the way back to Port Moresby tomorrow.

    Goodwater is crowded with two other groups also there with them. If the rain keeps up, they may need to construct a raft tomorrow to cross Goldie River their last river crossing before the climb up to the archway.

    Keep going trek 1028, you are almost there.


    Treks 1016 & 1017: another tough slippery day today for this group.

    They have now reached Ua'Ule Creek & it will be a 5 hour walk for them tomorrow so depending on what time they get away, they should walk under the archway at Owers' Cnr around 1:30pm.

    Feel for Helen as she slipped on a river crossing so now has a sore back & knee but still determined to finish.

    Boss Meri

    Trek 1016 & Trek 1017: I received a phone call from Pat Vainerere (aussie guide) this morning around 9:30am from Imita Ridge. He was at the back with Helen as she continued to battle on trying to reach Owers' Corner. He had sent the others ahead and indicated they should reach Owers' Cnr around 1pm. So while trek 1028 is celebrating, these two treks have injured trekkers trying to reach the finish line and no doubt by now a team of aussies and boys edging them on. Judy and Brett must be ok as Pat did not mention them today, just Helen doing it tough at the back of the group. Will keep you posted as soon as I hear more.

    Picture them later today as they look up the hill to the archway knowing they have almost completed their trek, only so many more steps to go!
    Owers' Corner Archway.jpg

    Boss Meri

    Trek 1028: Congratulations to this group as they walked off the track this morning. They were lucky also as the road near McDonald's Corner stopped a few buses this morning per the photograph. Our troopy was not bogged just could not get past the 4WDrive bus stuck on the hill. The driver of the bus parked, reversed, tried again, parked reversed, tried again and finally he made it to the top.

    Our troopy and another one then got through. About the same time two graders from Global turned up and went into action. As a result our hired buses made it to Owers' Cnr and the trekkers and boys last I heard were going to Sogeri Lodge to down a few beers before making their way back down off the mountain.
    Mud Mud Mud.jpg

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