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    I Spent the day at the tiny town of Bowraville, laid a wreath in memory of our lost soldiers, especially the Manusu boys who paid for the war. Perry & Guy Manusu are not only remembered on this day for us their family. Percy, who survived the war with innumerable scars and Homer another brother, who was killed shortly after being de-mobbed by the Army.
    Also their mother, she died of a broken heart, when 3 of her sons were killed and the 4th was sent back to New Guinea, after their deaths. Poor old father Manusu was left to cope alone – and he did with the help of his 16 year old daughter. Perhaps she kept him alive for a few years more.

    All my best thoughts go with you, Jo


    Boss Meri

    Jo, I just read what you wrote, such a sad story. No doubt there were lots of broken hearts out there as being a mother myself I wonder how I would have coped if I lost my two sons.

    My mother lost one brother and another brother had terrible problems on his return and died a few years later not really recovering from the war. He was not injured but mentally affected as he would wake up during the night with nightmares and start banging at the walls.

    As a 14 year old, I was scared stiff when I stayed the night at my grandmothers during one of his visits and woke to the noise of him hitting the wall. I quickly ran into my grandmothers room and she told me that when his brother was shot he wanted to go to his side as he was not that far away from where he was located. Apparently they tied him to a tree to stop him too from getting shot and how many years later he was still trying to get away from that tree to reach his brother.

    War, so tragic for all involved, Lest we Forget!

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