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    Nathan Thomas

    Kokoda Trekking provides brilliant pre-trek service, safe as a bank on-the-track, wonderful Kokoda-based PNG porters, porters too are well cared for on the track, great food, logistical planning is exceptional, contingency planning is excellent and service is personalised to meet every trekker’s needs. I have used KTL 3 times now (2005, 2007 & 2019) and every experience has been exceptional. A consistently outstanding service (from my own personal experience) over a 14yr period is absolute proof this is The Premier Kokoda Trekking company. Other trekking companies may be Ok or even good, but KTL is outstanding on many levels. It sets the standard all the others actively seek to emulate.

    Dan Towler, Anzac at Bomana Trek 1148

    Reference : Average Joe

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