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    Hi there, i was wondering if there is anyone here from adelaide who has been on the trekk?? and if u have any areas or tips for training for the trail in adelaide?


    Hey Justin,

    doesnt look as though there are to many south aussies out there who have been on the trak – come over to WA – I will give ya a couple of killer hills to train on.

    I find that any sandy steep hill will do no matter how high it is, just come back down and go back up several hundreds of times – even run up and down them, thats what im doing but im a sicko !!



    Hi JP

    Aside from the cardio work – There is probably a couple of things you might want to attend to in the weights dept.

    With a bar and some weights you can achieve two exercises ideally suited to this trek. Squats for the quads (which will probably be the most worked part of the body) and bent over rows for the back (especially if you are carrying your own pack). If your used to weights then it`s up to you – if not, do one set of 15-20 reps three times a week.

    Like Austin – I have some horrid hills that I pelt up and down – but I also grabbed a $50 cheepie mini tramp from K-mart to do some stationary jogging.


    Hi JP
    just read your post and cant believe that somebody from Adealide hasnt replied.
    Our group did the track in June and trained soley in the Adelaide Hills. Waterfall Gully to Mt Lofty is a good start; twice up and down in around 200 minutes.
    The "goat track" up Chambers Gully is the closest we found to what you will experience on Kokoda. About 15 minutes up; its narrow, very steep and currently fairly wet. We all were glad on many parts of the track that we had done a lot of work on this track. 3 times up and down or a couple up and then along Long Ridge to Mt Lofty summit and back was a good work out.
    But generally, the more hill work you can do the better.
    Its all worth it though.


    Thanks David! Funny enough, since that post a friend and i did the walk from waterfall gully up to mt lofty. Something we will be doing on at least a weekly basis.

    can u please give me some more information about the "goat track" chambers gully? is this a run off from the mt lofty track? ie. starting points etc would help us heaps.

    thanks for the tips!



    Hi guys,

    David thanks for the tip. JP and I have started on the WF Gully to My Lofty track and as he says will be hitting that pretty hard over the next few months. Please supply Goat Track details as I have not heard of it. I thought it was pretty funny no Adelaidians had responded. We're a shy bunch huh? How about Austin huh? Sounds mad! I mean…dedicated to his training regime) rolleyes.gif wink.gif There's something in the water in WA I think. Hey, JP you're going over there in Sept right? Should hook up with Austin for some sand hills!

    Mate, 200 minutes for twice up and down sounds like hard work. I think the first time we did it it took us two bloody hours once up and down. We did stop a lot, not 'cause we were tired, we just wanted to enjoy the view! blink.gif I'm actually doing it twice tomorrow (20th July) so will get back to you on how I go. I carry just under 10kg in my pack at this point so hope I make it.

    Please post that track details if you can mate. That would be appreciated.



    Hi guys
    On the road into Waterfall Gully, about 2 kms in, there is a road on the left into Chambers Gully. I think the road goes into the gun club, but it is closed off most of the time. there are always cars parked around the entry though. If you walk from the Waterfall Gully road, about 2 or 3 hundred mtrs in ,on the right is a small well worn track up an embamkment that dissapears into the scrub. Its not a designated walk but a track I think carved out by people training for Kokoda! If you follow this, in a very short time you start heading straight up the hill. At the top is some major power lines and a seat with magnificent views back over the city to the sea and beyond! From the top you can then walk along the "Long Ridge" walking track that goes to Mt Lofty Summit if you want to put in some extra kms but without the real steep work.
    Seems half of Adelaide has just done or is in training to trek Kokoda at the moment!!
    Anyway, hope you find the "goat track" as we called it; it really is a great training spot and our group were so glad on many occasions during our trek that we had put in the hours on it.
    cheers david


    Thanks David,

    JP and I will check it out.



    The "goat track" in Chambers Gully, is this still one of the best training tracks in Adelaide for Kokoda, has anyone discovered any other good hard tracks around Adelaide ?
    Cheers Howie

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