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    Boss Meri

    If you have trekked with Kokoda Trekking and you fit into this age category, please post here as it would be very much appreciated so that other potential trekkers can read your honest comments.

    To post, you first have to register. Once you have completed your registration you can log in and post your comments by clicking on the 'Add Reply' button; type your testimonial and then click the 'Add Reply' button.

    At this point, your message will be uploaded onto our website.

    Wherever, possible please state your trek number and date that you walked with Kokoda Trekking Ltd (KTL).

    rolleyes.gif Thank you for taking the time to give us your feedback.

    Kind Regards
    Kokoda Trekking Ltd (KTL)

    Gail Thomas (Boss Meri)

    Boss Meri

    Greetings Gail, Many thanks to yourself and KTL staff for giving me the opportunity to experience the Kokoda Track. I was one of the Colac College group of Trek 417 (June 30-July 7) with John Derek Eroro as leader.

    John, Wallace Lemiki and the KTL team helped me to complete the Trek, always ready with a helping hand and words of encouragement. I would like to make special mention of Barnabas Marove, my strength and companion on the Track, we became good mates. Any future trekker who walks with Barnabas can rest assured that they are in safe hands.

    On our last night in Port Moresby at the Gateway Hotel I spoke to you regarding forwarding mail to Barnabas via Wallace Lemiki at Kokoda, I would appreciate it if you would email me your postal address in Port Moresby.

    Thank you again for an unforgettable experience and my best wishes to all our KTL friends who made it possible.

    Doug Kirkman.
    Trek 417

    Editors Note: the email below was received after I contacted Doug to ask if I could post his email onto this area of our website – refer below:

    Greetings Gail, I am quite happy for you to use my email on the testimonial area of your web site.

    My age is 73(and a half!) years, and even though I am reasonably fit, I must have put an added burden on your carriers, but from Group Leaders John Eroro and Wallace Lemiki, my companion Barnabas Marove and all the KTL boys I was always given help and encouragement and made to feel special. I will never forget my experience on 'The Track'. Thank you for passing on your postal address, I will now contact Barnabas.

    Best regards, Doug Kirkman.


    Your a wild man Brian..


    Good on you Brian, I followed your blogs with interest coming up your walk and it was clear you were commited and determined to to give it your absolute best shot. Attitude and sheer guts will always get you through when you face adversity and combined with the "never say die attitude" it is a recipe for success. Kokoda is as much a mental challenge as it is a physical challenge. Good on you for giving it your all. I hope to walk kokoda again in 2010 and it would be great to see somewhere along the track.
    Best wishes
    Pete Dowling


    Thanks Pete & Peter for your comments much appreciated whilst my health for my age is great I am still doing some less strenuous training with the hope that I can make it back to Kokoda in 2010. The old bank balance is not in the same healthy state and being on the age pension, not that I am complaining, leaves very little to save. Maybe Kevin Rudd will give me a hand out, dream on, but one never knows what is around the corner and yes Pete it would sure be great to meet up with you along the track.

    I encourage anyone in good health no matter what age, a 81 year young made it, it will be an adventure of your life that will live with you as long as you can remember.

    One little bit of advice do go with a small group 10 or less do not go with a larger group you could be disappointed if you should do so.

    I read comments about Aussie Guides verses Local PNG Guides I can only comment on the local chaps the one we had Wallace Lemeki was great and knew the history very well I certainly will be looking for a local guide hopefully Wallace if I should go again in 2010.

    See you along a track some where


    Hi Folks

    A Foot Note:-

    Just an update, do not put off what you can do today you never know what is around the corner, there is no way today that my health would allow me to even consider trekking Kokoda again.

    Last year at 72 we went for a 6 month around Australia camping trip I arrived home to be admitted within 24 hours into the emergency ward of the hospital where I spent the next month. Today I am walking again but 10kms easy walk tires me out.

    If you are considering trekking Kokoda do it now do not put it off as I said above you do not know what lies around the corner.

    Trekking Kokoda was one of the highlights of my life I will always be greatful to KTL, their guide my good mate Wallace Lemeki and porter Brenden Buka who both went well beyond the call of duty and care to make it all possible for me.

    Incidently in the near future I will be on Dialysis we do not intend for this to stop us caravaning, camping and doing shorter easier walks. We were put here to enjoy life and I for one intend to do so just as long as I can.

    Trek Kokoda now do not put it off you most certainly will not regret doing so and like me you will never forget it.

    Enjoy Life.

    Mrs Moo

    Good on you Brian, you are an inspiration. Sorry to learn that you will require dialysis – that's bad luck. You have such a good positive attitude to life, I'm sure it won't slow you down too much.

    Best of luck for the future.
    Mary (Trek 429)


    Brian, Brendan Buka was in town yesterday and saw your post. He said to pass on his regards and best wishes to you. He commenced a 4 night 5 day trek today so think of him out there trying to play catch up to the other three treks that headed out on the 16th.


    Hi Folks now 2012 health wise I have been through a lot since my last post a couple of longer hospital stays and now on dialysis but pleased to say I am out, whilst short and slow, walking again and soon will be leading once again some of the shorter and easy Queensland National Parks Association walks.

    As much as I would dearly love to go Kokoda again even flying in and out is not possible I feel blessed that I trekked kokoda when I did, ever grateful to both Wallace and Brendan for their effort and encouragement. Whilst I have also driven and camped around this wonderful country disappointingly my health has beat me and I never did get to do the New Zealand treks that were on my bucket list.

    What I am trying to say is do not put off doing things today as you never know what is heading your tomorrow.

    Boss Meri

    Having trekked twice now with Kokoda Trekking Limited and observed other groups on the Track on both ocassions, I have no doubt whatsoever that I would not have enjoyed it any better, or experienced anything better if I had trekked with another Company. I too also tried to contact another group in 2004 and received no answer at all, but Gail responded to me with in 24 hours. Gail is a busy Lady, I know, as I helped her last time getting supplies out to Jacksons for a group who just basically arrived in Moresby, wanting to walk the Kokoda Track, without any preparation at all, but Gail helped them out with everything that they needed! Gail's local knowledge, along with Sons Nathan & Shane and Manager Russell is second to none in the Territory and the standard of Guides, Porters, both Personal and Food is excellent. I can't recommend them and the whole group enough.

    You won't be disappointed if you walk with the Boys from KTL. They may even sing their KTL song for you!

    Best regards and I can be contacted through Gail's website, as I have a spreadsheet of all (or most) items that you will need to take with you.

    Waza (Treks 83 & 872)
    Warren Turner.jpg


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