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    Wow, what an adventure! Trekking Kokoda was truly an amazing experience and I think it will be some time before I can shake it from my system. I am currently nutting out how quickly I can save to come back and do it all again-once is just not enough!

    Thank you to Kokoda Trekking for making it possible for myself and my dad to do this together. We had a fantastic time and it was made even more enjoyable by the company of Garry who is an absolute wealth of knowledge and was able to add to the information that dad already had-thank you Garry for sharing poppies with us and well as your company and wisdom.

    A huge thank you to all The Boys also, they made my trek the 'holiday' of a lifetime. Having meals prepared and cooked for me for the week was such a treat and strange as it may seem, this was one of my highlights. Being a busy mum of three children means nearly 'never' having a day/night off meal creating! I wish all the Boys well in all adventures to come.

    I am now home after 2 weeks on the Gold Coast with my husband and children but I think PNG and the Kokoda track will be stuck in my system for a long time to come!

    Until the next time………………. smile.gif

    Sally-trek 610

    Boss Meri

    Dear Gail and the boys, Bruce and Paul here, from trip #810

    We are writing to express our appreciation and our thanks for such an amazing trip. Hiking the kokoda trail with your crew was a pleasure and an experience that neither of us will ever forget.

    Please convey our deepest thanks to Wayne, Kingsley, Moses, Jenen, Felix and Slimmy. The boys were an absolute dream to travel with, polite, informative and massively helpful. We doubt that our trip would have been the same without them. The help that the guides and porters gave us was absolutely invaluable. They had track, history, practical and local knowledge that they shared with us to enrich our experience. The porters really went the extra mile to help us with our kit, we didn’t even have to ask – they even dried out our boots and socks each night when we got to camp. There was always a helping hand across streams and steep climbs – they knew just what to do to make the whole trip more survivable.

    And how can we forget Orohaven? Absolutely amazing! Having the celebratory beers with the boys, families and the Orohaven staff was the cherry on top (thanks Wayne!), and what a cherry it was! Please express our thanks as well to Marianne for her hospitality, as always we were well looked after.

    The food set up was perfect; all of us had just the right amount and type of food for the days on the trail. None of us went hungry. The evening cooking by the guides and porters was outstanding, they really looked after us. The facilities at the villages were totally unexpected to say the least, they were incredible. The people were friendly, and really made us feel welcome during our stay.

    Our thanks to Gail for her swift and decisive action when it looked like we would be stuck at the Popondetta Airfield and Russel’s assistance getting us to the ATM just in case! The organisation that KTL put into the trip was absolutely exemplary, and we will definitely be recommending the company to friends and associates who want to travel Kokoda. Also, thank you Gail for getting us set up with that big breakfast at the hotel at the conclusion of the trip, it was just what we needed.

    One minor point (no big deal), we did experience quite a big delay at the airport and unexpected cost of the tourist visa (k100), which was higher than expected. Good to advise other trekkers to get an earlier flight than we did – just in case!

    We would like to say how much we appreciated the assistance Moses gave us during the trek. Through how things turned out on the trip such as individual pace of trekkers, we wound up trekking through a lot of it with Moses, and he was brilliant!

    Truly it was the small things he did, helping us across streams, telling us of his home province, showing us local food. He was even cutting footholds in the really slippery, muddy bits so we didn’t slip (well, more than usual!) He’d make an excellent personal porter and eventually when he has a few more treks under the belt he’d make a great guide.

    Wayne and Kingsley had things so well organised for the trip, they knew just where to stop, how far to push, we definitely saw their experience show through. They have brilliant people skills and excellent knowledge of how to run a trek.

    Once again our deepest thanks for one of the most amazing experiences of our lives. (I dare say I’ll be coming over again in a year or so! – Paul)


    Bruce Crow and Paul Prudon
    DSCN0043 1280×768.JPG

    Boss Meri

    Hello to all who are currently walking the trail. At this time of year I keep track of the people who are currently walking the Kokoda and look on with fond memories, when I recognise the locations described and the porters we came to know during this time.

    At this time last year, my partner Lisa Cooke and I (Shane Carle) were walking the trail (Trek 670, with Shane as the leader). It brings me great sadness that Lisa passed away nine weeks ago, but I am glad this is one of the challenges and adventures we completed together.

    I wish you all the best of luck in completing this challenge/adventure. The memories of this trek will be kept with you, for your lifetime.


    Trek 670
    Lisa and Shane.jpg

    Boss Meri

    Hi Nathan and team, I would like to thank you for an amazing experience with trek 625 – 5 day trek.

    Your team and support was amazing and i would recommend your trek to anybody i knew wishing to do the Kokoda trek.

    Thanks once again

    Mike Wren

    Trek 625
    Trek 625.JPG

    Boss Meri

    Have finally made it home safe and sound. I cannot express the gratitude to all who helped Trek 797. This trip was all about self discovery, challenge and new experiences and all was achieved. A big thank you to Ramsay for just being there. He allowed me the independence to challenge myself along the way but was never far away when I needed him.

    After carrying my back pack for the last 10km I can say without a doubt I would not have made it across without his help. The care and guidance shown by all is beyond words that I can think of right now. Shane hopefully we didn't talk your ears off at the end of each day but you really gave back as good as you got.

    Will certainly recommend your trekking company to anybody who is interested in attempting to walk the track. Thank you all and of course for the comradeship of my three companions for making this a life changing and unforgettable experience.

    Best Regards

    Tanya, Trek 797
    Ramsy & Tanya.jpg

    Nathan Thomas

    More testimonials can be viewed at the following URL on our website.

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