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    Boss Meri

    Most unbelievable experience I have ever had. The bonds I formed with the porters will be a memory in my heart I will never forget.

    Big thanks to Kilo and Sione.

    Trek 831- best time of my life!

    Beth – Trek 831
    group pic Brigade Hill.jpg


    Share Your Kokoda Trekking Experience For A Chance To Win!

    Congratulations on completing the Kokoda track.

    Everyone who has trekked Kokoda has a story worth telling. Why not share it on DoKokoda.com

    and inspire future trekkers?

    It could win you a trip back to PNG, this time on a more relaxing note – an extraordinary holiday for

    two at the TUFI Resort valued at $7,150!

    You have joined a special group of Australians who have put themselves in the shoes of

    the legendary diggers and PNG nationals who successfully intercepted the Japanese

    before they took Port Moresby from the north in WWII.

    We want you to share your story so that you can help us encourage other Australians to

    take on the life changing challenge, learn about Australia's war history and give back to

    the communities along the track that played such a crucial role in Australia's victory during

    the Kokoda Campaign.

    Boss Meri

    We have another great story written by Taz who walked the track with Kokoda Trekking back in May 2016 as part of Trek #1049. "WOW"!

    "You hear that Kokoda is tough. . . but nothing will ever prepare you for the challenge that trek presents. Simply hearing the words “Kokoda” should bring people to their knees!

    It is definitely more mental that physical but demanding in every way. Ultimately, that’s the attraction. It wouldn’t be Kokoda if it didn’t push you to your limits.

    I re-connected with a friend, Alex who I hadn’t seen in over 3 years, we’d both found the same Kokoda trekking company and expressed our interest. So we chatted and decided it was on"

    To read more about Taz's Story please visit the attached link.

    Have you shared your Kokoda story?


    Nathan Thomas

    More Testimonials & Reviews can be viewed at the following URL on our website.

    URL : https://kokodatrekkingaust.com.au/testimonial/

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)
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