Clement Harika

Age: 35
Place of Residence: Saga Village, Kokoda
Number of treks: 100+
Position: Local Historian, Experienced Guide, Assistant Guide


Clement started working with Kokoda Trekking in 2004 as a porter. He slowly moved his way up the ranks and is now one of our best guides and most respected employees. He has a very good command of English and has walked often as a personal porter and throughout the past couple of years as a guide. Clement continues to try his best and has a good knowledge of the war history. He also loves to share with you stories about village life should anyone be interested in their culture.

For several years Clement had walked alongside my son Shane Thomas an Australian guide and together they had completed over 50 treks. Shane has been most impressed with Clement and would highly recommend him to anyone who would request him to guide them across the Kokoda Trail/Track. In 2013 Shane decided to stop walking and was replaced with Pat Vainerere as our Australian Guide. Clement continues to walk as his 2IC when he is not running treks on his own as a PNG Historical guide.

Clément’s mother is a retired school teacher and has instilled in him the need to be educated and continue to learn. I am sure she is proud of her son who now is in charge of leading several treks a year across the Kokoda Trail/Track. He gets on well with fellow porters who admire and respect him.


  • Local Historian – Sharing the history
  • Enjoys Trekker Interaction
  • Fluent English and local Pidgin English
  • Shares his knowledge of the Environment
  • Knowledge of emergency radio & Satellite communication
  • Very reliant in outdoor activities as team leader
  • First Aid Certificate


“The best crew to do Kokoda with!!!!!!

Thank you to Clement and the boys from Kokoda Trekking. We completed our third Trek with this company and i would highly recommend them. This was personally my second Trek in 2 years and it was a great and different experience again. The Porters and Guides and extremely professional and their personal connection with the land and villages make the experience even better. Make sure you take your time and listen to their stories, sing at nights and celebrate at the end. A few tips, make sure you keep your feet dry as much as possible, powder and vaseline between the toes are a life saver. Take warm and cool clothing, the Trek starts very hot and gets cold very quickly by day 3-4. Take cash to buy fresh produce, eggs and event meat along the Trek. Invest your money in the villages where you can. Thanks again guys, see you next year”