AUSTRALIAN Guided Trek 1137

AUSTRALIAN Guided Trek Owers’ to Kokoda

Date: 3 October 2018 – 10 October 2018

Australian guided trek commencing at Owers’ Corner on the 3rd of October and finishing in Kokoda on the 9th of October. The following day, 10th of October you will fly back to Port Moresby to end your trek. – Trek 1137 – Guide Pat Vainerere



Day 1 – 3rd October 2018: Owers’ Cnr to Goodwater
Day 2 – 4th October 2018: Goodwater to Ofi Creek
Day 3 – 5th October 2018: Ofi Creek to Menari
Day 4 – 6th October 2018: Menari to 1900/Myola Junction
Day 5 – 7th October 2018: 1900 Myola Junction to Eora Creek
Day 6 – 8th October 2018: Eora Creek to Hoi
Day 7 – 9th October 2018: Hoi to Kokoda
Day 8 – 10th October 2018: Kokoda to Port Moresby

Update 3rd October 2018

Trek 1137: This trek left Owers’ Corner this morning and tonight find themselves camped at Goodwater for the night. Tomorrow they have a big day ahead of them as there destination is Ofi Creek. Pat said today was good and everyone is getting along well and enjoying day 1.

Update 4th September 2018

Trek 1137: Pat called and said they are now at Ofi Creek having arrived there around 3pm this afternoon. Seems Paul and the women are all out in front with Anthony and Michael coming up the rear. Tomorrow will be a big day as they walk up Maguli Range. I asked if the boys were playing any music and he laughed as he said yes, the favourites such as Old McDonalo. Tonight the area is a bit cramped as they are sharing with another trekking company. They have the top site of the block.

Update 5th October 2018

Trek 1137: Pat phoned a short time ago and said they had a big day and that trekkers were already fast asleep. They have now reached Manari Village and it seems they had a big meal tonight including some banana bread especially made for them at Pat’s request. Tomorrow the plan is to head to Naduri but first they need to walk up Brigade Hill, then into the half way point of Efogi before moving further down the track. So far they may be tired after their walk today but all are doing really well.

Update 6th October 2018

Trek 1137: This group are now at Village. Lorraine led the way today and was out the front with Ivan but the others were not too far behind. Another hard but top day as they make their way towards Kokoda. Tomorrow the plan is to reach Templeton’s Crossing.

Update 7th October 2018

Trek 1137: Pat and his group of trekkers and porters are now at Templeton’s Crossing. Lorraine it seems is still liking being out the front. Paul has an ankle problem that needs strapping but is ok. They all continue to do well and no doubt are thinking about reaching Isurava Memorial tomorrow. Well done everyone, not too far now! Before they reach Isurava they will have been and seen the ammunition site, crossed Eora Creek and walked through Alola Village.

Update 8th October 2018

Trek 1137: Pat phoned a short time ago to say they are now at Isurava Village and that they should be off the track by midday tomorrow. Today they had a service at Isurava Memorial before moving further down the track. Paul is already talking about coming back again! Go trek 1137 you are almost at the finish line.

Update 9th October 2018

Trek 1137: Congratulations are in order as they walked off the track earlier today and are now on their way to where they will be accommodated tonight. Well done everyone. Photographs below I saved from Christopher Talanoa’s facebook page. Our photographs will be posted later once Pat arrives back from the track.

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