Australian Guided Trek 1121

AUSTRALIAN Guided Trek Owers’ to Kokoda

Date: 3 July 2018 – 10 July 2018

Australian guided trek commencing at Owers’ Corner on the 3rd of July and finishing in Kokoda on the 9th of July where you will be our guests at ‘Orohaven Retreat’. The following day, 10th July you will fly back to Port Moresby to end your trek. – Trek 1121 – Guide Pat Vainerere



Day 1 – 3rd July: Owers’ Cnr to Goodwater
Day 2 – 4th July: Goodwater to Ofi Creek
Day 3 – 5th July: Ofi Creek to Menari
Day 4 – 6th July: Menari to 1900/Myola Junction
Day 5 – 7th July: 1900 Myola Junction to Eora Creek
Day 6 – 8th July: Eora Creek to Hoi
Day 7 – 9th July: Hoi to Kokoda
Day 8 – 10th July: Kokoda to Port Moresby

Update 3rd July 2018

Trek 1121: Pat Vainerere and two brothers from Cairns arrived in PNG yesterday to begin their trek later today. Everything is organised and ready to move off once the other two trekkers arrive from their flight this afternoon expected to touch down around 1pm. On this trek we have: Michael and David Gething; Egle Karzaite and Jessica Montgomery-King together with our staff: Cyprian Haera; Desshon Harika; Tommy Bareo; Lenny Enjeka; Bill Suma; Chris Yauga; Gerald Juary; Saul Osara; Walker Woki and Duggie (David) Eroro. A couple of new porters on this trek have been recommended by Gary Juary so we wait to see how they go and how they handle the Kokoda Trail conditions.
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A short walk this afternoon have seen them pull up for the night at Goldie River. Tomorrow they will head to Ioribaiwa. When I spoke to Pat the two girls were already asleep as they had a 4am start this morning to catch their flight. Tonight he said they all enjoyed their meal. Apparently lots of traffic on the track as with school holidays its generally the case.

Update 4th July 2018

Trek 1121: Picture them tonight in Ioribaiwa Village which they are sharing with two other trekking companies. Our trek has the spot next to the shower and when I spoke there was a rush for the shower from other trekkers camped in the same area. Today Jessica came in last around 2:30 with the others arriving some 20 minutes earlier. Pat said they are all ok and plan to have an early start tomorrow as a big day awaits when they head up Maguli Range; into Nauro Village; and further on past Agulogo to Menari Village for the night. Please note: stock photographs are used whilst trekkers are on the track. Their photographs will be posted once the camera on this trek makes its way back to our office on the 10th July.

Update 5th July 2018

Trek 1121: Lots of traffic on the track so Pat decided to pull up today at Nauro Village rather than push further down the track and find campsite areas full. Big day today but everyone did well and Pat sounded quite happy with his group of trekkers and their efforts. Another lot of good news is the new boys on this trek are impressing him which is great to hear. Four of these boys are relatives (or in PNG they say wantoks) of Gary Juary having walked in with him on a previous trek. No doubt he gave them some good advice along the way and they are not letting him down. Mid month we have a huge number of porters required so needed to hire more staff to fill these places and these guys are on a trial trek in lead up to those treks.

Update 6th July 2018

Trek 1121: This trek passed by the half way point and around 5pm arrived at Launumu (Efogi II) for the night. A big day for them today with another big day ahead of them tomorrow as they head towards to finish line in Kokoda on the 9th.

Update 7th July 2018

Trek 1121: A big day today that now finds them at the foot of Mt Bellamy. Tomorrow they plan on reaching Isurava for the night.

Apparently its been a wet track today as both treks head towards the finish line in Kokoda on the 9th July.

Update 8th July 2018

Trek 1121: Another big day for them today that now finds them at Isurava Memorial for the night.This group have a 6 hour walk tomorrow before they find themselves in Kokoda.

Update 9th July 2018

Trek 1121: Three trekkers completed their trek around 3pm this afternoon and are now resting in Kokoda. Still on the track is Pat and Michael and some of our KTL staff who should arrive in Kokoda around 6pm tonight. Well done everyone from all of us here at Kokoda Trekking.

Michael Gething along with Pat Vainerere and the remainder of our staff have now reached Kokoda where they will overnight before flying to Port Moresby tomorrow morning.

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