Date: 19 April 2019 – 25th April 2019

This trek begins with a short flight to Kokoda where your trek will begin this day 19th of April 2019. The trek will end at Owers’ Cnr on 24th April 2019. Trekkers will then return to Port Moresby Accommodation. The following morning 25th April, trekkers will attend Bomana War Cemetery for the dawn service.



Day 1 – 19th April 2019 : POM – KOKODA – ISURAVA
Day 2 – 20th April 2019 : ISURAVA – TEMPLETON’S CROSSING
Day 3 – 21st April 2019 : TEMPLETON’S CROSSING – EFOGI
Day 4 – 22nd April 2019 : EFOGI – NAURO
Day 5 – 23rd April 2019 : NAURO – UA’ULE CREEK
Day 6 – 24th April 2019 : UA’ULE CREEK – OWERS’ CORNER
Day 7 – 25th April 2019 : Attend Dawn Service at Bomana War Cemetery

Update 19th April 2019

Trek 1147: Our next Anzac Trek is about to get underway as trekkers have made their way to the Tropicair terminal building at Jackson’s Airport, Port Moresby to book in for their charter flight to Kokoda. Chris Bauba our PNG based Manager has had a busy few days. I spoke with him around 7:30am and he informed me everything was good to go and that he had already dropped our cargo to the airport cargo area and at that stage he was at the Gateway Hotel with our trekkers.

Waiting to board their flight are the following trekkers: Karly Ford; Guy Walker; Monika Krysta; Rose Gu; David Hoefer; Kathryn Askwith; Benjamin Millican; Paul Turner and Nathan Perks. On the day the previous trekkers arrived, our Prado broke a steering wheel belt. Luckily a replacement was able to be found and a big THANK YOU to Nathan Perks who took it with him to PNG yesterday and saved the day. Chris was able to get it fitted by a mechanic during the afternoon and was able to drive this treks gear to the airport today.

Trek 1147: Due to cloud cover in Kokoda, the flight was delayed until it cleared up. Trekkers departed from Port Moresby around 9:30am and some 20 minutes later had touched down in Kokoda where they were met by our staff who were eagerly waiting for them as its their first fast trek of 2019. Christopher Tananoa is the Guide his trek and his 2IC is Wayne Urina Tihimi who is also the personal porter for Nathan Perks.

Have not yet heard from Christopher but our GPS is showing them heading for Deniki. The destination for tonight is Isurava. Trekkers on this trek include: Karly Ford; Guy Walker; Monika Krysta; Rose Gu; David Hoefer; Kathryn Askwith; Benjamin Millican; Paul Turner and Nathan Perks.

Supporting Christopher and Wayne are the following staff: Tony Ogonemi as a personal porter for David along with food porters: Lancelot Geroia; Arnold Jinga; Cliff Taimbari; Katu Suma; Frank Taimbari; plus one extra person in lieu of Jessie Aire who was a no show due to a bout of malaria.

Trek 1147: Christopher called in to say they are now at Isurava Village where they were just having a meal before tucking in for the night. He said everyone in the group did ok today and that they were looking forward to another day of walking tomorrow when they head to Isurava Memorial area, through Alola Village, past Eora Creek and all going well reach Templeton’s II for the night. Go team 1147, ‘Day 1‘ completed.

Update 20th April 2019

Trek 1147: our 9 trekkers and staff have now reached Village and at 10:30am. They most likely will stop for morning tea before moving off towards their destination for tonight.

Trek 1147: I just got off the phone following an update from Christopher our guide. He said everyone has done really well today and they arrived at Templeton’s Crossing as per their trekking schedule. Tomorrow plan a) is to reach Efogi, plan b) is Brigade Hill. So far he said not one problem among his group. Tomorrow they will cross paths with trekkers from ‘Trek 1148’ walking in the opposite direction. No doubt this will be followed by a bit of excitement as boys say hi to their friends and relatives. Trekkers might ask each other what they can expect up ahead. Keep going trek 1147, you are doing well!

Update 21st April 2019

Trek 1147: Christopher called in to say they are now at Naduri Village. Tomorrow they will head to Nauro but once again its not set in stone. It will all depend on how the group go tomorrow as to where they pull up. One female trekker has knee problems but overall everyone is doing ok.

No doubt trekkers will take a photograph of the plaque (photograph below) sponsored by IPI Lae. Installation was a team event with Eric Winn (Kokoda Memorial Foundation – who installed the two archways at either end of the trail); Zac Zacharias and Nikki George. The plaque is in honour of Papuan Carriers and Soldiers WWII. Last year Christopher walked with Nikki in July to unveil the plaque on PNG’s Remembrance Day. Several Villagers carved their names in many of the stones at the memorial. Nikki reads my posts so she may like to add something.

Update 22nd April 2019

Trek 1147: 11:45am. This trek is now at the half way point of Efogi. They will continue walking and are on target to reach Nauro for the night. Keep up the good work Trek 1147

Trek 1147: Nauro has heaps of trekkers staying there so our group decided to stop at Agulogo which they have all to themselves. They are all going along ok. One trekker was a little unwell yesterday but has come good today.

Tomorrow for their last day on the track they will be staying at Ioribaiwa Village as the plan is to walk off the track on the 24th and overnight in Port Moresby in time for the Anzac Day service the next day at Bomana.


Update 23rd April 2019

Trek 1147: 3:30pm – Have just checked their GPS and it looks like they have nearly reached their destination of Ioribaiwa. Will wait later to confirm with Christopher once he calls with his daily update.

Trek 1147: Have  heard from Christopher our guide heading in the opposite direction. They all arrived at Ioribaiwa Village around 4pm this afternoon. Tomorrow they should walk off under the archway approx. 1-2pm.

Everyone is excited and looking forward to finishing their trek tomorrow!

Update 24th April 2019

Trek 1147: Christopher phoned to say they are heading to the archway a little bit ahead of schedule and should reach the top slightly ahead of the time he told me yesterday.

Trek 1147: Congratulations are in order as this group of 9 together with Christopher their guide and our group of support staff have just reached the archway at Owers’ Corner. Well done everyone from all of us here at Kokoda Trekking. Go back to Port Moresby and relax now as you have an early start tomorrow morning in order to head out to Bomana War Cemetery for the dawn service.

Update 25th April 2019

Bomana War Cemetery this morning 25th April 2019.

Lest We Forget.

Trekking Photographs


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