ANZAC at BOMANA Trek 1106

ANZAC at BOMANA – April, 2018 – PNG Guide

Date: 25 April 2018 – 3 May 2018

This ANZAC trek has been designed to avoid the crowds prior to Anzac Day as it will commence on the 25th April. The trek will commence on the 25th of April when trekkers are picked up from accommodation at 4am and driven out to Bomana War Cemetery for the 2018 Anzac Day Service. Following the service, trekkers will make their way to the Royal Papua Yacht Club where you will be able to relax, have something to eat and later head back to your hotel to book out and be driven out to Owers’ Corner for the commencement of your trek with a short walk down to Goodwater for the night. This trek will finish when you walk off the track in Kokoda on the 2nd May where you will overnight as our guests. The next day 3rd May you will be flown back to Port Moresby and can later fly back to Australia the same day. Trek 1106 – PNG Guided trek.



Day 1 – 25th April 2018 : Attend Dawn Service at Bomana War Cemetery – Owers’ Corner to Ua’Ule Creek
Day 2 – 26th April 2018 : Ua’Ule Creek to Ofi Creek
Day 3 – 27th April 2018 : Ofi Creek to Agulogo
Day 4 – 28th April 2018 : Agulogo to Efogi
Day 5 – 29th April 2018 : Efogi to 1900
Day 6 – 30th April 2018 : 1900 to Eora Creek
Day 7 – 1st May 2018 : Eora Creek to Isurava Village
Day 8 – 2nd May 2018 : Isurava Village to Kokoda then to Orohaven Pija Retreat
Day 9 – 3rd May 2018 : Orohaven Pija Retreat to Popondetta then to Port Moresby

Trek 1106: Waiting in the wings to head out tomorrow is 4 trekkers. Ulf Svensson arrived in country days ago and went off to Kavieng arriving back in Port Moresby around 8:30am this morning. The other three trekkers flew in from Australia arriving around 1pm this afternoon. Karen and Saraha Stevens – a mother daughter combination and another guy by the name of Hylton Ward. Tonight they are no doubt hearing all kinds of stories from the trekkers who returned today from the track. They will attend the Bomana War Memorial service tomorrow morning and will need to be up bright and early around 3:30-4am. After the service they will all go to the Royal Papua Yacht Club for breakfast. Their guide Arnold Jinga and 8 porters have been waiting in town for this trek to commence at midday tomorrow from Owers’ Corner.


Anzac Day 25th of April 2018 – Bomana War Memorial

Anzac Day at Bomana War Memorial this morning 25th April 2018



Update 26th April 2018

Trek 1106: Arnold sent a text earlier today to say they were at Imita Ridge and were heading for Ioribaiwa for the night. He will report in again tomorrow when I will update.


Update 26th April 2018

Trek 1106: Arnold sent a text earlier today to say they were at Imita Ridge and were heading for Ioribaiwa for the night. He will report in again tomorrow when I will update.

Update 27th April 2018

Trek 1106: Arnold sent a text earlier today to say they were at Imita Ridge and were heading for Ioribaiwa for the night. He will report in again tomorrow when I will update.

Update 28th April 2018

Trek 1106: Trekkers have now reached Efogi the half way point. However, Ulf was forced to stay behind at Agulogo with our guide Arnold due to blisters on his feet. Brendan Buka had already dropped off his load of food at Menari along with the Sogeri boys and was on his return to Owers’ Corner when I stopped him to help out with Ulf. Arnold will catch up with his trekkers but in the meantime they are in the hands of the assistant guide Roget Hango. Our apology for anyone following this trek on our GPS. This morning Arnold forgot to give it to his team and due to him not moving off from Agulogo it appears they have not moved all day.

Update 29th April 2018

Trek 1106: Re Ulf Svennson: he is presently in Efogi and will fly back tomorrow on a service flight with Air Sanga. He is still suffering from blisters and infected feet but is resting at Landy Noel’s guesthouse area and he is being well taken care of. On the menu tonight Landy informed me he was planning a chicken meal for Ulf. Remaining trekkers reached 1900/Myola Junction around 3pm this afternoon and according to Kingsley, have enjoyed their day. Tomorrow they are heading to Eora Creek. Landy & his wife are now taking care of Ulf allowing Arnold and Chris to take off to catch up with the lead group. In the meantime in case bad weather sets in tomorrow, we also have a medic from Kokoda walking in to take care of him until he is airlifted out by the name of Vincent Idau. He is being accompanied by Tom Hango and Lawrence Umbu’s son. Midday they were at Abuari and they should be in Efogi by tomorrow.

Update 30th April 2018

Trek 1106: Arnold Jinga and Chris Lahai moved off from Efogi and were at 1900 by 9pm last night to catch up with the other remaining trekkers. Arnold updated me with this message at 6:39am this morning: Hi Bosmeri, I am at 1900 now, arrived 9pm last nait (pidgin way of spelling night). cheers Arnold. As for Ulf Svensson, he is now safely back in Port Moresby having been picked up by Air Sanga this morning out of Efogi. I just spoke to him on the phone and he is in good spirits, just looking forward to some rest to recover from his infected feet and to obviously treat them with the right medicine. He is an experienced trekker and in the forces so I am sure he will bounce back quickly. Well done to everyone involved. A big thanks to Landy Noel; Dr Shaun Foster (Trek 1105); possibly to his chemist mate as I believed they helped him with some medicine to treat his blisters. Also to Arnold; Chris; Brendan and all others who made sure Ulf was ok. Picture the other trekkers today as they make their way to Eora Creek.

Trek 1106: Message received from Arnold as follows: Present location Eora Creek. Trekkers are good with no problems or injuries. Porters also good. Cheers Arnold. unquote. Tomorrow think of them making their way up to Alola Village and walking around the corner into isurava Memorial area.


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