Gold Coast -Based Kokoda Trekking – Australia/PNG’s Most Respected Provider of Guided Kokoda Trail Experiences

Kokoda Trekking is Australia’s most experienced and conscientious provider of guided Kokoda Trail experiences, having facilitated in excess of 1000 treks. During this time, we have taken more than six thousand trekkers along the trail as part of an all-inclusive package that delivers the best training possible through their Brisbane-based program.

The fully Australian owned and operated company was established in Queensland by an Australian woman, Gail Thomas who originally arrived in PNG in 1972. Nathan her son is also in the business and was born in Lae, PNG and attended The Southport School on the Gold Coast as a boarder, then Bond and Griffith Universities, to study Business Management and IT. Today, Nathan is the main contact for enquiries from clients and travel agents all over Australia. He is also responsible for much of the company’s marketing and communications activities, including via social media. Aside from running the business, his enthusiasm for the Kokoda story is evident in his thorough knowledge. Meanwhile, Gail is the ‘front person’ in PNG taking care of all logistics and staff and is very hands-on with the tours there.

Over the decades, Gail has travelled the length and breadth of Papua New Guinea, learning it, knowing it and loving it. As a passionate advocate of safe, meaningful and culturally-sensitive engagement with the Kokoda Trail, Gail’s goal has always been to preserve and promote its Australian historical significance while also demonstrating and invoking heartfelt respect for the rugged PNG landscape and the local indigenous people who risked their own lives during the war and who, today, provide invaluable support for trekkers.

Kokoda Trekking’s safety and wellbeing focus begins with hard-won expertise and encompasses industry-leading protocols. State of the art equipment, comprehensive training for trekkers and a policy of offering expeditions with a maximum of just 15 participants are all behind the company’s impressive safety record. Additionally, Kokoda Trekking has built a strong support network in Papua New Guinea and is trusted within it to be uncompromising on matters that help to retain the integrity of the trail and the industry around it.

Respect and education are an enormous part of what makes Kokoda Trekking so highly esteemed in the industry. The sacred legacy left behind by the Australians killed and wounded on the trail deserves more than sentimental pride. The honour of journeying along its hallowed and unforgiving route is not lost on those who make the trek, largely because Kokoda Trekking’s guides employ storytelling to relay the tragedies and hardships endured upon it in World War II. The campaign’s ultimate result was, of course, that it mitigated the possibility of a serious threat to Australia by air attack.

Kokoda Trekking itself has provided employment for more than 400 PNG staff throughout the past 17 years.

The company has developed its own accommodation retreats, Orohaven Kokoda and Pija to provide the best possible experience for trekkers.

Perhaps the greatest indicator that Kokoda Trekking is doing the right thing by trekkers is its exceptionally high return rate. It is proof positive that when people are moved to repeat such an arduous, challenging and life-affirming journey as this one, the tour group that made it available and possible has created an experience that compels and fulfils.

KOKODATREKKINGAUST.COM.AU AND KOKODATRAIL.COM.AU are Papua New Guinea’s most up-to-date, informative and comprehensive guide to Kokoda trekking tours.

We are strategically based in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea. This means we have the local knowledge and support network to ensure that your trek is a smooth and enjoyable one.

Our friendly guides and porters are based in Kokoda and surrounding areas, so they know the place really well. They will meet you in Kokoda with smiles and will show you their Kokoda hospitality.

In order to communicate and coordinate our treks with trek leaders, we utilise Satelite Phones & the local radio network. This is how we keep everyone up to date with the latest developments on the Kokoda Trail.

Our goal for the past 17 year’s in operation has been to become the leading trek tour operator in PNG with a one-stop shop for information, facts and travel advice and tidbits on trekking along the Kokoda Trail.

As a Kokoda trek operator, we are in the capacity to organise and offer set itineraries with fixed departures along with tailor-made programs for those wanting a bit more flexibility with travel at their own time and pace.

With Kokoda Trekking, you can be sure of one thing and that is we take every precautions to provide a safe and enjoyable trekking experience. We will do our best to make sure we deliver a quality trekking service with attention to detail, the highest safety standards possible and consistency in our service delivery.

Feel free to contact us if you have any further inquiries. We would love to hear from you|We would love to hear from you.

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