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The history of the Kokoda Trail

The Kokoda track was the setting for a famous event in Australian history, one which still resonates in the national consciousness today.

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The Kokoda Trail is one of the world’s great treks, linking the southern and northern coast of Papua New Guinea, it is a challenge to be enjoyed by the fit bushwalker. The Kokoda Trail and Sogeri area have a history of bitter fighting between Australian and Japanese armies during the early days of the war in the Pacific in World War II.

The 96 km Kokoda trail passes through rugged mountainous country of rainforest, jungles of fern, orchids, birds and clean mountain streams which tumble into steep valleys. The unspoilt villages throughout the Kokoda Track will welcome you and the Koiari and Orokaiva people will greet you with smiles and tempt you with seasonal fruit and vegetables.

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in the footsteps of heroes

The Kokoda Trail was the scene of some of the bloodiest battles of World War II and still carries the scars of a fierce campaign.

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Kokoda Trekking shared Kokoda. the spirit lives's post. ... See MoreSee Less

Delighted that our feature doco, KOKODA, THE SPIRIT LIVES, will premiere this coming Saturday, January 20 at 7.30pm on National Geographic HD Channel. Please pass the word around

RIP - sad to read this today ... See MoreSee Less

We regret to inform our followers of the passing of Havala Laula, who passed away Sunday morning in the village of Kagi. Havala was one of the last Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels, one of the brave Australia owes ...

Hi everyone, to past and future trekkers, we at Kokoda Trekking would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas. To all our staff in PNG, have a top day in Kokoda and surrounding areas. Stay safe everyone! ... See MoreSee Less

Kokoda Adventure Trek – Kokoda to Owers’ Corner

Date: 8 April 2018 - 15 April 2018

Open Trek - Commencing at Kokoda on the 8th April and finishing by walking off the track at Owers' Corner on the 15th of April where you will met and driven back to Port Moresby. On the way you will stop at Bomana War Cemetery - Trek 1109

URL : kokodatrekkingaust.com.au/package/kokoda-adventure-trek-kokoda-to-owers-corner/
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Open Trek. Commencing at Owers' Corner on the 31st March and finishing by walking into Kokoda on the 7th of April where you will overnight at Orohaven Retreat. The following day 8th of April you will fly back into Port Moresby to enfd your trek- Trek 1108 ... See MoreSee Less

Kokoda Trekking added 76 new photos. ... See MoreSee Less

Kokoda Trekking added 173 new photos. ... See MoreSee Less

Trek 1103: Congratulations to this group as well as they walked off in Kokoda late this afternoon. Due to their late arrival, its seems no-one wanted to move and a decision was made for them to stay overnight in Kokoda, eat and rest and tomorrow morning will head down to Girua Airport in Popondetta to catch their flight back to Port Moresby. Well done to this group as well as it was a 'fast' trek and they finished in time although a bit later than we had expected. ... See MoreSee Less

Trek 1102: Congratulations are in order as this group have now reached Kokoda. At the moment sitting around relaxing waiting for the other trek to walk off the track. Well done everyone! ... See MoreSee Less

Trek 1103: Clement called this morning to say they spent the night at Eora Creek and were on the move early and at 6am were already about to reach Alola Village. Their estimated time of arrival in Kokoda is around 3pm. In the meantime I informed Mark from Trek 1102 yesterday to take their time and enjoy the day as this trek has to catch up with them so they all travel down in the one vehicle to Orohaven Pija Bush Retreat where they will all spend the night before flying back to Port Moresby tomorrow morning. ... See MoreSee Less

Trek 1102: The plan today was for the group to spend the night at Isurava Village but they decided to push on further to Deniki. I spoke to Mark and he said they were keen to walk off tomorrow and that they had a great time.

Trek 1103: Meanwhile the four trekkers coming up the rear who will also walk off the track tomorrow were at Dump 1 for morning tea and had hoped to reach Alola tonight. If not, they would stop at Eora Creek. Am yet to hear from Clement where they ended up tonight.
... See MoreSee Less

Trek 1103: Clement phoned a short time ago to say they were at Dump 1 and were heading to either Eora Creek or Alola Village for the night. He said Paula was still out in front with the guys coming up the rear. All were ok with another big day ahead of them today. ... See MoreSee Less

Trek 1102: Harold called this morning to inform me they spent last night at Alola Village. Everyone continues to do well. Tonight they will be at Deniki, perfectly positioned to walk off the Kokoda Trail tomorrow. Later this morning they will walk through Isurava Memorial where they will stop and pay their respects. ... See MoreSee Less

Trek 1102 & 1103: I heard from Harold earlier today that they reached their destination of 1900/Myola Junction. He said very heavy rain today but everyone did well. Tomorrow they will head to Eora Creek. Clement's group of 4 are now at Agulogo and also doing well. Brendan Buka walked in and handed the lost bag over and returned to Port Moresby. Brendan holds the track record from Owers' Cnr to Kokoda in 16:34. He also holds the record in the opposite direction Kokoda to Owers' Cnr 17:20. We would like to thank him for doing this for us on behalf of our trekker. ... See MoreSee Less

Trek 1102: This group spent last night at the half way point of Efogi. Everyone continues to do well. Jessica seems to be out the front and Gilbert at the rear of the group but all doing ok. Today they will head down to 1900/Myola Junction. No doubt the group were excited to know they are half way to Kokoda. The food drop we sent earlier this week was there waiting for them which is always good news as with weather the chopper can sometimes be delayed and/or cancelled. Keep up the good work trek 1102, you are all doing just great. ... See MoreSee Less

Trek 1103: This trek got away yesterday after a few hickups. One trekker unfortunately had a bag not turn up on his flight into PNG. The bag turned up yesterday afternoon and the Kokoda Track record holder Brendan Buka was dropped off to run in with it to the trekker. The other problem was that PNGAir cancelled their afternoon flight on the 15th and transferred all the passengers to the following morning flight and bumped off our guide and porters who were then told to fly yesterday 16th instead. This resulted in the trek commencing a few hours later than the expected time of 6am as the boys arrived around 9am. Last night the group ended up at Ua'Ule Creek for the night. Expect today they will reach Menari. In this group are the following trekkers: Josh Roach; Adam Conford; Antony Butcher and Paula Thompson. ... See MoreSee Less

Trek 1102: Harold called me from Maguli Range and confirmed they spent last night at Ofi Creek. He said they were all good and making their way towards Agulogo to spend the night. Jessica in the background yelled out that she is having the best time of her life! Apparently it rained yesterday and last night and Harold decided to call me today instead. Bad news though for our next group of porters and guide heading in for their trek commencing tomorrow morning. Airlines of PNG cancelled a flight yesterday and then offloaded them this morning to upload the ones left over from yesterday. Therefore our boys are stuck in Popondetta and our group of 4 trekkers arrive this afternoon from Australia. Another guide from Sogeri Eric Uwea will lead the group out tomorrow with his helpers and our boys hopefully will arrive on tomorrow morning's flight to play catch up with the lead group and take over the trek. ... See MoreSee Less