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The history of the Kokoda Trail

The Kokoda track was the setting for a famous event in Australian history, one which still resonates in the national consciousness today.

The Kokoda track


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The Kokoda Trail is one of the world’s great treks, linking the southern and northern coast of Papua New Guinea, it is a challenge to be enjoyed by the fit bushwalker. The Kokoda Trail and Sogeri area have a history of bitter fighting between Australian and Japanese armies during the early days of the war in the Pacific in World War II.

The 96 km Kokoda trail passes through rugged mountainous country of rainforest, jungles of fern, orchids, birds and clean mountain streams which tumble into steep valleys. The unspoilt villages throughout the Kokoda Track will welcome you and the Koiari and Orokaiva people will greet you with smiles and tempt you with seasonal fruit and vegetables.

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Safety is our first priority. For more than seventeen years, we have operated the safest Kokoda Trail experience possible.

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It is highly recommended you train hard prior to trekking the Kokoda Trail to make the experience more enjoyable.

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Kokoda Trekking offers a selection of trekking options that will accommodate your fitness level and length of time you have to spend.

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Our Kokoda experience and safety record are second to none. Learn why we are the company of choice for thousands of trekkers in Australia.

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in the footsteps of heroes

The Kokoda Trail was the scene of some of the bloodiest battles of World War II and still carries the scars of a fierce campaign.

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All the treks we create are guaranteed to depart, even with a minimum of one person, so you needn’t worry about last minute cancellations. Every year we are contacted by trekkers who have had their trek cancelled at short notice by other operators. Visit our trekking schedule for upcoming treks, taking into consideration we can create any date range to suit your needs seven days a week commencing in either direction as we are PNG-based.
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3 days ago

Kokoda Trekking

Trek 1162: Congratulations as this trek has now reached Kokoda this morning around 8am. Well done everyone! Now a whole day to relax and unwind in Kokoda before flying back to Port Moresby. Thanks to the guide Trevor Jinga for posting the photographs below onto his facebook page. ... See MoreSee Less

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3 days ago

Kokoda Trekking

Trek 1162: The trek has now reached Hoi Village for the evening. Olivia and staff are looking forward to walking off the track tomorrow in Kokoda. All continue to do well.

Today they passed through Isurava Monument on way to Hoi Village. Being only a few short hours walk from Kokoda it will only be a short day tomorrow.

Think of Olivia as she walks under the Archway in Kokoda for her last day on track.
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5 days ago

Kokoda Trekking

Trek 1162: Trevor sent a message through advising that they have now reached Alola for the evening. He says Olivia is doing well.

She did the trek yesterday over 9 hours and thought she was slow so today she powered on and completed today in 8 hours arriving in camp at 2:30pm.

Tomorrow the group will head for Deniki/Hoi village depending the various groups out on track and where they choose to stop.
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5 days ago

Kokoda Trekking

Trek 1162: Trevor touched base this afternoon to advise they have arrived Safely at Dump 1 for the evening.

He advised Olivia is enjoying the walk and very happy she has walked over half way! Looking forward to the 4 days ahead.

Tomorrow they head for Alola.
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7 days ago

Kokoda Trekking

Trek 1162: This trek has now reached the half way point of Efogi. It was dry this morning but around midday the heavens opened and they had to walk in the rain. Tomorrow they head to Dump 1. ... See MoreSee Less

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